Ismail Hamed, who was shot and injured in a scuffle with law enforcement, is now charged with two felony counts of terrorism.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says Ismail Hamed, who was shot and injured in a scuffle with law enforcement, is now charged with two felony counts of terrorism.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- An 18-year-old suspect accused in a deputy-involved shooting in Fountain Hills now faces charges of terrorism.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says Ismail Hamed, who was shot and injured in last week's shooting, is now charged with two felony counts of terrorism.

County court records state that Hamed allegedly provided "advice, assistance, direction or management to the Islamic State of Iraq" and ISIS on or about Jan. 7.

It's still unclear whether what happened at the Fountain Hills substation was connected to the terrorism charges, but former assistant U.S. attorney Andrew Pacheco says it could be.

“It’s too early to know what all of the facts are, but this is absolutely consistent with somebody answering a call for Jihad on a lone wolf basis," he said.

Pacheco has no connection to Hamed's case, but he says Arizona's anti-terrorism statutes are quite robust. He says if Hamed had any online contact with ISIS, for example, that might have come to light during the investigation following the rock-throwing incident.

“They likely conducted an interview, and let’s face it – people who engage in terrorist activities are quite proud of what they’ve done and so they often like to talk about it," he said.

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Hamed was previously facing two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection to the shooting.


MCSO says on Monday, Jan. 7, Hamed threw rocks at a sergeant outside the sheriff's substation. MCSO says Hamed then brandished a knife and advanced toward the sergeant, despite his repeated commands for Hamed to drop the weapon.

The sergeant "discharged his service weapon, which incapacitated the suspect," according to MCSO. Hamed was taken to the hospital but was later released.

The sergeant involved in the shooting has been with MCSO for 12 years; he has been a sergeant for two years.

That was the first law enforcement-involved shooting of 2019 in the Valley. Hamed is facing a $500,000 cash only bond, which according to Pacheco, means it's highly unlikely Hamed will get out of jail any time soon.


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(11) comments


He looks like an 18 year old with an awful lot of miles on him. I'm good with the story...he will get whatever he deserves.


18? Well, OK. More like 30.


So I was reading 'the hand book of proverbs' by John Ray. 1670 One stuck out to me;
'A Glock in hand is better then two thrown rocks from a radical Islamic terrorist. So asked Foxworthy what his thoughts were, all he could say was; If you are a Bearded Adult male of Arab decent Throwing rocks, You probably a Terrorist


Thank you for flushing that t-u-r-d !! He fits every stereotype about terrorist there is !!


You have a narrow view of things. Relying on stereotypes inhibits critical thinking and fact-based evaluation.


EVERY stereotype? Remember the Las Vegas mass shooting? The OK City bombing? The Bath school disaster? You'd have missed all of those perpetrators.


I hope he can get a fair trial. Sounds like he has mental issues. I wouldn't be surprised if his attorney gets him a psychiatric evaluation.


I am sure you are joking. However if you are not you may be as dangerous as this he is. Of course Islam is a mental disease.


Ooooh- that sounds scary. I am a thinking adult, with some clinical psychology exposure (as staff, not as a patient - to cut-off your next ad-hominem fallacy). Read about this person, and you'll wonder if he had a few screws loose. If not, just wait and you'll see. Not condoning his behavior, just questioning why.


Sheesh, a guy wraps one towel around his head and he's labeled for life......


That guy...a terrorist? C'mon now....say it ain't so!

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