NEAR SHOW LOW (3TV/CBS 5) – Hours before a Phoenix homeowner made headlines after shooting and killing an intruder, there was a similar incident near Show Low.

According to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, a resident of White Mountain Lakes shot and wounded an18-year-old man who broke into his home Friday night.

Deputies say the homeowner told them he and his wife were in their living room when they heard somebody banging on the kitchen door.

“The homeowner said the suspect was pounding so hard he was surprised the glass didn’t break,” NCSO said in a news release.

The young man, later identified as William L. Hansen, was apparently looking for his girlfriend, according to what the homeowner told deputies. The homeowner said he told Hansen “multiple times” to leave and that whomever he was looking for was not there.

“[Hansen] broke through the pet door, reached up and tried to unlock the door knob (sic),” according to NCSO. “The homeowner grabbed his arm to prevent him from unlocking the door. The suspect pulled away and backed away. He then picked up some large rocks and started throwing them at the house.”

One of those rocks broke a window in the door.

Deputies said the homeowner warned Hansen that he was armed and would shoot.

“The male subject appeared to be out of his mind and kept yelling for his girlfriend,” according to NCSO.

Deputies said the homeowner fired at Hansen when he opened the back door after reaching through the broken window to unlock it.

Although he had suffered a leg wound, Hansen continued into the home, crawling after he fell -- still calling for his girlfriend.

The homeowner held Hansen down until deputies arrived.

“Upon our deputies’ arrival the suspect was belligerent and refused to be identified,” NCSO said.

Deputies said the investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

Less than 24 hours after that shooting, a Phoenix man shot two men who tried to break into his home. One of those men died; the other is in critical condition.


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(5) comments


Do we need to wait for Paul Harvey for the rest of the story? The entire purpose of this article was to show it was similar to a break-in in Phoenix? The only similarity is someone was shot. AZFamily, quit writing your articles as if they were a text message between teenagers. I have shifted to your site for local news over KTAR, please don't make me look for another local news outlet.


Kid had to be drugged out of his mind. I’m certain he will never amount to much and will be a drag on society for the rest of his pitiful life. Sad for the girlfriend, though chances are good that she is from the same ilk.


I'm betting drugs were a factor in this. This dumb kid is lucky the homeowner only shot him in the leg.

Wayne kenoff

Hold up. Charges are “pending”? I don’t understand our system. The guy was throwing rocks threatening the man and his wife. He was warned multiple times he will be shot. Like does a person have to wait to get pummeled before a shooting is deemed “justified”? He had a reasonable fear for his life and his wife’s.


His "girlfriend" better get herself a little friend as well.

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