PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Police say 10-year-old Thomas Martinez has died after a quad he was driving crashed into a parked truck in Phoenix.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon near 16th Avenue. and Broadway Road.

A 9-year-old boy, who was a passenger on the quad, was injured in the crash.

Police say it appears that the children on the quad crashed into a parked truck.

[WATCH: 10-year-old boy who died in Phoenix quad crash identified]

Both young patients were rushed to the hospital.

Thomas was later pronounced dead. The other boy was said to be in serious but stable condition.

"We don't know exactly how the collision occurred, but they ended up colliding with a parked vehicle," said Phoenix police Sgt. James Rothschild.

The truck was not occupied, and it was parked legally on the side of the road.

Police say they're hoping neighbors or other witnesses may have seen the accident and can shed some light on exactly what happened.

Robert Sapien lives near the crash scene and heard the boys on the quad.

"That's awful," said Sapien.  "I just hope they get better. They're too young. They have a promising life ahead of them. It's just sad."


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(31) comments


For a "accident" involving a single moving vehicle and a parked vehicle, this incident probably sets an Arizona record for the most laws being violated.


There is no way in any possible universe that a 10 year-old or a 9 year-old should be driving a motor vehicle on the street. The police need to find out who owns the ATV and charge that person with child endangerment, child abuse, and involuntary manslaughter. Letting kids drive a motor vehicle vehicle on the street is no different than handing them a loaded gun and telling them to go out and play.


Pretty easy to tell what is wrong in our country by just reading these comments.


yes, it's a shame people are asking for accountability. The parents obviously felt the risk of death was worth the ride...or they just lacked the guts to say no.


What is wrong with this country? Parents not taking proper accountability for raising their children. Instead of disciplining them with love they beat or kill them or instead of acting like parents to their children they act like friends. They sue schools and police for trying to make their children behave which should have been the parents responsibility to begin with. If a child is disciplined at school he should receive double at home (this includes spanking) instead of telling the kid the school was wrong. What is wrong? Many children have no idea what the inside of a church looks like, let alone be taught the Judaeo Christian tenants that would keep them out of trouble.


Darwin FTW!


Most of you are saying prosecute the parents for letting their kids play, they are effing kids. For your information the parents were watching their kids. The fact that you can sit there and judge someone who, I can promise, is already judging every single decision they made that day ON TOP of LOSING THEIR CHILD makes you some of The MOST despicable types human beings.

If anyone should be prosecuted it should be all of you for being such shi**y humans. Specifically you MAGA. Martinez? Nuff said? What a disgusting, racist, ignorant person you are. At the end of this all I can say is you all need Jesus and that I will be praying that each and every single one of you will be humbled through your own experiences. Shame on all of you.


You're an idiot!! EXACTLY how did "watching" the too young children riding to their deaths help those kids? What could the watchers do? That was no place for children that age! You are disgusting shi**y human AND worst of all you hide behind your favorite stupid nonsense hate!


If the parents were watching them they should be prosecuted even more harshly. Why did they allow tiny children operate an adult toy? I suppose you think that it would be perfectly fine for small children to operate a car as long as parents were "watching" them. I can tell by your comments you are either a child yourself or one of the stupid parents who should not be a parent.

AZ Native

Not rocket science as to what happened. A 10 year old doesn't know how to drive/handle a motorized vehicle and to have a 9 year old passenger?!! Parents think it's cute, not so much. Bet they were not wearing any protective gear or helmets which possibly could have lessened the impact. Alcohol involved with the adults who were not supervising?? Probably a sure thing. This is a very tragic accident and loss and I hope the parents are prosecuted. They'll probably try to turn it around somehow to get money out of someone.

lost cause

On all Quads above 90cc is a Placard warning stating in English. No riders or operators under 16 years old. Permanently attached and in full view of all operators.

Note: Arizona 10 year olds are supposed to know how to read English.


Not if the parents don’t teach them English or even know English themselves.


Go get checked, I think you got missing screws in that poisonous brain of yours.


Thats the problem. it's written in english They might sue the quad company that it wasn't in spanish too.


Must be nice to buy toys for the family with wages you don’t pay taxes on while the government pays for everything else for your family.


Your source of information? Thought so.


Last name Martinez. Nuff said.


You N∆Z1, Nuff said!


[ban][spam] Go get checked, I think you got missing screws in that poisonous brain of yours


The parents should be prosecuted for child neglect. That thing is an adult size motorized vehicle that no 10 year old should be allowed to operate. From the name I would guess they are illegals dreamers as well.


You never miss a chance to thrust your political points as soon as you see an hispanic name. Since the child was named "Thomas", he most certainly was born here.You don't know what dreamers are so your mouth should not flap. Not a word about the tragedt of the incident.



Paul Labiche

Ever stop to think that Dean could be right?


The socialists (aka democrats) and illegals would not think so.


dreamers are illegals demanding we change our laws to make them legal all while they make excuses for the people that made them illegal.


Kids don't belong on motorized vehicles.


so we force them to walk everywhere while we enjoy the convenience of our cars? p1ss off


Lol. Seriously? You think 9 and 10 year olds should drive?


10yo & riding a quad....??? And the parents were watching this right?? Why would anyone think this is a good idea? oh yeah...that's right..probably drinking or eTc.... *eye roll*


And why was a 9 year old riding a quad on the road? charge his parents with Manslaughter.


Quads rednecks paralasys and death. Kids should be on human powered vehicles only.

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