PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- The White House reportedly wanted the USS John S. McCain out of sight for President Donald Trump’s recent visit to Japan.

The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. Navy and Air Force officials outlined plans for Trump’s visit, which included a directive: “USS John McCain needs to be out of sight.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, a tarp was hung over the name of the ship ahead of Trump’s visit. Sailors who typically wear hats with the name USS John McCain on them were given the day off.

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(17) comments


This is FAKE NEWS folks - invented by the socialist democrats IF it was requested by anyone it would have been by anti Trump factions for one reason - more lies about Trump.


FAKE NEWS. So we can give the mccain brat something else to get her name in the news.


No one cares!

JR in glendale

I'd like to hang a tarp over Trump and keep him out of sight...

JF Conlon

Yes, please! And put all his stupid publicity shots under there too.

JR in glendale

If the Orange Tyrant can't stand even the sight of the name of a better man than he will EVER be, then it is time for the gutless imbecile to step down or be impeached.
Thankfully there will never be a USS Trump...this disgraceful moron will NEVER be worthy of such an honor.


Oh goodness,get over it. One politician didn’t want to see the name of another politician. I respect John McCain’s military service and sacrifice, but he was a terrible senator. Trump has good ideas and policies but is a dirtbag personally, and I’m sure Obama is a great guy to watch a game with and tip a few coldies with, but was clueless. We survived Obama and we’ll survive Trump. The outrage that you all show just feeds his ego, you get that right? Learn to ignore him.


Are you an idiot? He's a president, for goodness sake. He has to stop acting like a child. He complaind that kids aren't allowed to wear his MAGA hats in school, but he can't just ignore what he doesn't like??? My God. What a baby he is!


No I’m not. Are you? I agree he’s an imbecile who acts like a child. I called him a dirtbag. The point of my comment was that he gets off on the outrage that he causes. You’re so angry that you’re calling me names for agreeing with you.


[lol][lol] bahah

Mark G

What a child. To this day I STILL can’t believe that grown-ups - of any amount of intelligence, bow down to this depraved, narcissistic, idiotic, childish, spoiled, psychotic, conspiracy peddling brat.

At least when Obama was in the White House, these phony-conservative, “Grand Old” types, pretended to be moral, Christian, fiscally conservative, honest, decent, law abiding responsible grown-ups.

What a joke.. Phhhhh ...Think about it! ... “””Real Conservatives””” sold out their ENTIRE philosophical and ideological party plank... The WHOLE basis for their existing as a political party at all ...ALL OF IT cater to the ego of ONE insane, utterly selfish, draft dodging, low-talent criminal con artist and utter coward.

It really would be funny if it wasn’t so Pathetic. ...So, yeah! ..carry-on sailor! Cover up the name of your ship. You might offend “the thick skinned, stable-genius, super-smart “”tough guy””.


Mark G - Got that right.


Chief Petty Officer?


This is so disrespectful of our late great Senator McCain that it is disgusting. Impeach the orange beast!


McCain was not "great" He nearly flunked out of the academy, and likely would have had his daddy not been an admiral. He did his best to get Obama elected. He voted against the people he was supposed to represent most of the time. Whey he was dying he even made a special trip to DC to vote for Obama's socialized medicine bill.


Yeah, so????? (There are simply some things that even the liberal media cannot make into hit pieces despite their best efforts.)


liberal media? I get such a kick out of the word 'liberal' when used by a republican.

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