Wendy Bricel

Wendy Bricel

GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- Police arrested a woman for indecent exposure in a Starbucks drive-thru after "mooning" another customer. 

Wendy Bricel allegedly attempted to cut off another customer in the drive-thru before she and the other driver got out of their cars and started to yell at each other. 

The yelling escalated when Bricel turned around and pulled her shorts down 'mooning' the victim who had a child and a man sitting in the car. 

Bricel was arrested and taken to Fourth Avenue Jail where she will face one count of felony indecent exposure, two counts of misdemeanor indecent exposure and three counts of disorderly conduct. 


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JF Conlon

That's a felony? Just a bunch of idjits whose brains don't function without coffee.


Old Lady Bumbutts strikes again!


Hey Allison Snell you need to go back to 4th, maybe 3rd, grade to learn the difference between woman and women. You stated "Police arrested a women for..." which indicates that more than one woman was arrested. Also the "a" before "women" is incorrect. The proper statement is ""Police arrested a woman for..." You must be a graduate of some liberal USA hating school instead of a school that teaches proper English.


Dean, is it possible that this reporter just made a typo? I noted that you began a quotation with two double quote marks. Was that a typo or do you need to " go back to 4th, maybe 3rd, grade to learn...", I give you the benefit of the doubt. Have a lovely evening.


She did it TWICE. Once MAY be a typo, but twice? BTW I see the idiot corrected her mistake. Also the double quote marks is correct. YOU are the one who needs to go back to elementary school if you did not know that. I accept your apology.


You made a typo and you're too thickheaded to realize it:
YOU: The proper statement is ""Police arrested a woman for...
See the *quote* *quote* before the word Police? That's a TYPO.


They do it all the time; but, you heard the hussyman - get your act together so she'll stop being holier than though. She's annoying :)


Here you go again. You're a nuisance to society. Go back to California.


I get my coffee at Starbucks because I like my coffee like I like my women ----- steaming, bitter, and leaving a bad taste in my mouth.


I don't get my jokes from azfamily because I like my jokes like I like my comedians --- funny, sidesplitting, and making me laugh.




REALLY? this is a grown woman...REALLY???

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