GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A gruesome video of a woman’s March 2018 arrest is now at the center of a lawsuit against the arresting Gilbert police officer.

That woman, Samantha Glass, said the officer used excessive force, and she continues to suffer extensive injuries from it.

[WATCH: Woman claims excessive force by Gilbert PD left her with brain injury]

Ofc. Christopher Robinson’s body camera was recording at a Gilbert apartment complex that night, and during the arrest, showed Glass’ head hitting the cement floor, her face and head then gushing blood.

“Put your hands behind your back. You are being detained,” you can hear Robinson saying in the video after Glass is knocked to the ground.

“She goes headfirst down into the cement. That’s just clearly excessive force,” said Scott Halverson, Glass’ attorney.

He said what lead up to this did not deserve this kind of force.

“People were watching you over by his truck. That’s why they called us. What were you doing?” Robinson is heard asking Glass in the video.

“I was trying to change my tire,” Glass responds in the video.

According to the incident report, Glass admitted to driving over to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment complex when she had a flat tire.

The report said the two got into an argument and he left with their daughter.      

A neighbor believed she was breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s truck and the alarm went off, and then told police she saw Glass jump a fence, so she called 911.

But officers found no evidence of a break into the ex-boyfriend’s truck.

When Ofc. Robinson arrived, he found Glass sitting by her ex-boyfriend’s apartment and said she appeared drunk.

“How about attempted vehicle burglary? If you’d like we can go there,” Ofc. Robinson says to Glass in the video.

“Hey, how about you hold on, and I’ll get him on the phone right now,” Glass responds.

But when her ex-boyfriend didn’t answer, things escalated.

“I’m about to grab ahold of you and put you in handcuffs,” Robinson said in the video, as a scuffle begins.

“No, not until…are you f***ing s***ing me right now?” Glass screams.

“No, you are not free to leave. Put your hands behind your back. You are being detained,” as Glass’ face hits the cement.

She’s heard wailing as blood starts to pool, and another officer arrives on the scene.

Halverson said the officer should have de-escalated the situation, especially knowing she was impaired.

Glass was arrested for extreme DUI and failure to obey a police officer.

She admitted to drinking at work before driving that night, and plead guilty to the DUI charge.

Her blood alcohol content that night was .199, which is more than twice the legal limit.

Halverson said Glass suffered a mild traumatic brain injury from the fall and continues to get severe headaches and face pain often.

Gilbert Police told Arizona’s Family they can’t comment because of pending litigation.


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