PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - This sister of a murder victim can only hope someone will come forward with information about the decade-old case. 

The shooting happened on April 12th, 2009, around 2 a.m. on Piedmont Road near Seventh Avenue. It was Michelle Dickinson's last Easter Sunday.

"While everyone else went home and had Easter dinner with their families, we were mourning somebody, we were missing somebody. So somebody has to remember something from 2009," said LaVonda Adamczyk. 

Adamczyk said her two younger sisters wanted to go to a party to celebrate Dickinson's 18th birthday. 

"I said, 'as long as you're home before Easter morning, we're going to go do Easter stuff,' and they said they'd be back and that was the last time I heard from her," Adamczyk recalled. 

Adamczyk said that while her sisters were walking down the street, someone showed up to the party uninvited and there was some sort of altercation. The girls ducked behind a pillar for safety as gunshots started flying. 

"My sister was just walking up the street to go to this party and was just caught in the crossfire--random stray bullet, as she was trying to hide behind a pillar, caught her in her back and it pierced her heart and lungs. So she died immediately on the scene, sadly in my younger sister's arms."

The street was littered with bullet casings, but no one ever came forward to say who pulled the trigger. 

"The police felt that they may never find that person because nobody was talking and then the amount of ballistics, a lot of them were just untraceable," Adamczyk said. 

Michelle was just a couple of months shy of graduating high school and beauty school. 

Adamczyk reflects, "She would now be 28. She wanted a family, she wanted kids so, so bad. She wanted to do hair and makeup for the stars, she had dreams and goals." 

Adamczyk said that as a family, they now live their lives like Michelle--with passion. 

"Because of this tragedy, it made our family realize the value that tomorrow is definitely not a guarantee. You have to take care of those, all those moments, you have to enjoy them." 

On Friday, April 12th, Michelle's family and friends will gather at Ma-Ha-Tuak Park in south Phoenix for a balloon release, just as they've done every year since 2009. 


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