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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) – An unharmed infant was dropped off at a fire station in Maryvale on Monday morning.

According to Phoenix fire, the crew at Fire Station 25, near 63rd Avenue and Indian School Road, heard the doorbell ring around 9:30 a.m.

"Our firefighters were in the gym, they were working out, they heard the doorbell ring. Not something that always happens for us," said Cpt. Jake Van Hook with Phoenix Fire.

The woman at the door didn't share her name, but told firefighters she was a friend of the child's mother.

She said the mother was unable to care for the baby, and asked her to take him to the fire station under the Safe Baby Haven law.

Under that law, parents can relinquish a newborn under 72 hours old.  

Firefighters transported the child to an area hospital for evaluation.

"They worked quickly to evaluate the child and make sure there weren't any immediate medical needs. They found the child to be in good health," said Cpt. Van Hook.

Despite this option, too often, some babies are still abandoned.

In 2016, a mother left her infant in a Mesa neighborhood.

And in 2017, a newborn girl was left in a backpack in Tempe.

Both were found within walking distance from fire stations.

So to have today's outcome is a relief for fire crews.

“In today's case this was the right choice, because they were in that position where they were feeling these emotions they were not able to give the appropriate care for this child, they realized that and they sought out the resources,” said Van Hook. “So we're very thankful that the system worked as it was designed."

Already this year in Arizona, three infants have now been dropped off under the Safe Baby Haven law.

That number is quite high, considering it's only April. To put the number into perspective, three children had been dropped off between the span of 2015 and 2018.

Since the law was enacted in 2001, there have been a total of 40 babies safely surrendered in Arizona. 

If a parents wants to take an infant to a fire station, a firefighter must be present to receive the child. Hospitals, adoption agencies and some churches are also Safe Baby Havens.

Click here for more information about the Safe Haven program.


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The father never has any say. If she wants an abortion. father has no say. If she wants to keep it father has no say. If she wants to turn baby to the firehouse father has no say. the only rights the father has is to open his wallet for child support.
Even if it is assumed he is the father


Maybe the father should wear a condom or not have intercourse at all! Or he could stick around for long than a night to realize he is going to be a father.


Then perhaps the "father" should be more circumspect in the distribution of his seed in the first place there skippy...


Thank god now this baby has a chance!


God bless that mother for doing the right thing!


So thankful she had the compassion to do the right thing for this baby. Every single day on this site one reads horror stories about what people do to their children...hopefully this little one will have a chance now.


This is news?


Would you prefer to hear about a child murdered or neglected by their parents?


agree with your reply.by making this news hope will encourage others who can't care for baby to do the same.


this isn't news worthy.

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