LITCHFIELD PARK, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The woman who was attacked by a jaguar while trying to take a selfie with it at the Wildlife World Zoo has apologized for her actions, according to Kristy Morcum, a spokeswoman with the zoo.

Morcum said the woman came back to the zoo on Sunday and met with the owner. She said she loved the zoo and "feels horrible about the bad publicity the zoo is getting regarding the incident."

[ORIGINAL STORY: Woman attacked by jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo]

The woman also apologized and admitted fault, Morcum said.

On Saturday the women reached over a barrier to take a selfie with the jaguar when the animal attacked her arm.

"The claws that were retracted were definitely outside of the cage and grasped around her hand, and she holding her other arm, with her arm attached to the paw just screaming, screaming, screaming, to get out," said eyewitness Adam Wilkerson.

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One rescuer said she pushed her water bottle through the fence to get the jaguar to release the woman from its clutch.

"She took her one paw off and grabbed the bottle with her mouth, but her other paw was stuck on the lady’s shirt," said Michele Flores, who helped rescue the woman.

Flores said she grabbed the woman's sleeve and was able to finally pull her free.

The woman had a huge gash on her arm and had to go to the hospital to get stitches.

The zoo said the jaguar won't be euthanized, but it wasn't in the enclosure on Sunday.


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(13) comments

R Butcher

I can't believe anyone even thought of even using the word euthanizing in this let alone thought of it being some kind of a solution. Two thumbs up for the cat


This Saturday at the Wild Life World Zoo they will be hosting a "Democratic jaguar petting day" Please show up wearing you Obama gear to get head of the line privileges !!


Kudos to this woman for admitting blame and not lawyering up.


She got what she deserved. What an idiotic move... she's lucky she wasn't killed.


She got what she deserved. What an idiotic move... she's lucky she wasn't killed.


I have gotten scratched up by a few cougars at the bar in my time but no one has ever done a story on me ??


Lifetime Ban !!!

JF Conlon

The zoo didn't get any bad publicity that I saw. Can't she read either?


thank you lady for apologizing to the zoo. Very nice


The zoo shouldn't be getting anything but good publicity over this. She is stupid, ignorant and a waste of breath.

TRUMP supporter

Oh but I had to get a selfie so I could post it on social media and show everybody where I am. She got what she deserved for being stupid. The safety barriers are in place for a reason.





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