PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A woman has been arrested in Phoenix for allegedly driving her car into a group of three police officers outside a gas station, reportedly to get their attention.

[RAW VIDEO: Surveillance video shows woman ramming her car into two police vehicles]

Lori Relf, 56, faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault against an officer, and criminal damage.

This happened the night of June 4 in the parking lot of a QT gas station near 16th Street and Baseline Road.

Police say two officers were sitting in a patrol car, and a third officer was standing between the two patrol cars, when Relf rammed into them with her car, a 2011 red Kia Soul.

According to the police report, Relf's "vehicle accelerated toward the officers and collided with the patrol vehicles."

The crash left one officer with a possible broken nose, and another with a cut on his head.

Police say Relf admitted to smoking crack about two hours before the incident.

According to the police report, Relf said she "purposely drove her car into the officers to gain their attention because she was being held against her will by the two male passengers."

But surveillance video at the QT showed that Relf "had plenty of time alone, inside the store, to exit the store and notify the police officers who were in the parking lot the entire time," the police report states. The video even shows one of the men buying Relf a drink.

Both men denied holding Relf against her will. But one man admitted they had been "smoking crack cocaine for approximately two days and immediately before the collision," stated the police report.

Relf remains in jail on a $25,000 bond.


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I like your posts, Daddy. They are witty, insightful, well thought out, grammatically correct (most of the time) and usually agree with my point of view. What more could an old lady ask for? LOL

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Well, crack pretty much died out. Meth heads have been the new parasites for some time.


Crack is whack!


She looks like man , A Whit Man ! Man. [scared]


basically an attempted suicide by cops very common right now in America the cops just love it ...!!!!

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Daddy Dummy you made my day. I can’t stop laughing. You truly are f-ucking retarded. Daddy Dummy carry on

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Agustus Gloop

Spread the love Mr. Amazing, there are so many less fortunate than you. One kind gesture, however big or small, can change the course of a life, for the better.

Comment deleted.

Funny, I do that exact same thing! But the kissing isn't just limited to an over-inflated-likely-highly-exaggerated-little-endowed-compensating ego. There's an angelic human touch. I'd recommend it lol.


"purposely drove her car into the officers to gain their attention".....It worked, happy now?


Another Obama disciple destroying lives and terrorizing our communities. I wonder if her food stamps will be revoked because of this?

JF Conlon

I doubt whether politics has anything at all to do with this. Do you really check the voting register on people in the news?


Oh, they'll give her more, for sure! All she has to do is say she's a Democrat, and they government will give her all of your stuff. (Is that the current Republican narrative? I think I got that right...)


That be one fugly woman.🤮🤮👩ðŸ¿â€ðŸ¦±


Just another example of the myriad of dangers our police officers face on a daily basis. They never know where the threat is going to come from. They deserve more respect for doing our dirty work.

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