PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A new Arizona public safety fee is going into effect to support highway patrol operations.

For Arizona drivers who are expecting vehicle registration renewals this January, the fee can be paid as early as Dec. 1.

The fee is effective immediately for all newly registered vehicles.

Most motorists will pay $32 per vehicle per year, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Street-legal golf carts and primarily off-highway vehicles will pay $5.

Those who register a vehicle annually, pay for a two-year registration or pay for a five-year registration must pay the entire amount up-front for each registered year.

The fee will be collected during the vehicle-registration process administered by the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division. 

According to ADOT, the new fee will support roadway maintenance and construction, while providing a different source of funding for highway patrol operations.

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(5) comments


Did we vote on this? Any tax should be voted on by the people!


Fee is their way of CLAIMING not of raised Taxes and to make you think the money is going to a specific item. Then after the fact they spend it elsewhere and DON'T fix the problem it was started for.


Here's a chance for people to "put their money where their mouth is." They say they support law enforcement, but when it comes time to pay for it - cue the whining.


But we are already paying high taxes on our autos. On top of that the snowbirds do not pay a dime, yet cause more problems than the ones paying the outrageous taxes. time for another tea party.


I agree with the snowbird comment. We should enact a winter visitor tax. Their home state vehicle fees don't help us a bit. Yes, they spend money here, but so do the rest of us that live here full time. In Arizona, we get "punished" for driving newer more efficient vehicles with their inflated values which we are taxed on. One vehicle I owned a few years ago had a value of 3500, but was taxed on 7500. Who comes up with this stuff?

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