PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Beagles are not supposed to weigh 88 pounds.

But that's the current weight of this sweet pup, Wolfgang.

[WATCH: Wolfgang takes on epic weight-loss journey]

The beagle was rescued from a shelter on May 17, 2019, by Arizona Beagle Rescue, where he had been surrendered by a previous owner.

At the time, he weighed a whopping 89 pounds. The poor pup (who also has a thyroid condition) had obviously been overfed, under-exercised and was in need of a serious life change. (Typically, beagles weigh no more than 30 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club.)

[PHOTOS: Weight loss with Wolfgang: See his journey]

But Wolfgang is now on his way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. He is safe with his new foster family, and has been placed on a sensible doggie diet and exercise program.

[VIDEO: Wolfgang sticks to a sensible diet and exercise program]

He is also on thyroid medicine.

It's not an easy, or a cheap, journey to a healthy weight.

Wolfgang needs daily vitamins, thyroid meds, physical therapy and treadmill time.

Fitbark, a company that helps keep dogs healthy, has donated a "FitBark" monitor, which is kind of like a Fit Bit, but for dogs. FitBark devices monitor a dog's physical activity and rest levels 24/7.

Right now Wolfgang is sticking to a balanced diet, which includes a 300-calorie breakfast (lean ground turkey and green veggies) and a 300-calorie dinner.

His foster mom is even eating “low carb,” too, so Wolfie has a diet buddy.

His large size comes with other challenges. Wolfgang wasn't able to squeeze through the existing dog door. So, his foster family even installed a new, bigger door just for him.

[VIDEO: Wolfgang walking off the weight]

Support and encouragement for Wolfgang has been pouring in on his Facebook page. Other pet owners are also sharing stories of their own dogs' weight loss journeys.

Comments include:

"I love following his journey. That boy touches my heart."

"We are so proud of you Wolfgang. Your agility just gets better and better."

"You are a lucky dog to have such a wonderful foster family."

"Wolfie, you rock!"

If you would like to donate to Wolfgang or the Arizona Beagle Rescue, you can do so online. There is a donation tab and if you scroll down, there is a Paypal donation option.


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