CHANDLER (3TV/CBS 5) – When a 26-year-old man was at the lowest point in his life and ready to end it all recently, a Chandler police officer was there to help.

It happened during a late March evening and the officer's body camera was recording. The Chandler Police Department posted the video to its Facebook page, saying the compassion the officer showed "is a common occurrence with the men [and] women of the Chandler Police Department."

It's a situation you've probably seen played out on a cop show or in a movie -- an officer talking a suicidal person off the ledge. 

But this was real.

According to the post, the man had climbed over the railing of a pedestrian bridge over the Loop 101 Price Freeway. He was on the other side of the fence and ready to jump.

Enter Officer Aaron Ron Little.

[WATCH: Little's body cam video]

"I will give you a hug," Little told the man. He then introduced himself, telling the man that people call him Ron.

"I need you to come over here with me," Little, who has been with CPD for five years, said.

"I don't know why," the man can be heard saying as he appeared to be climbing lower.

"Don't you want that hug?" Little asked. "Then come up here. I will give you that hug."

The video shows the man clinging to the fence as Little continues talking calmly to him.

"Please climb up over that fence, buddy," he said. "Please. It's just me and you, man. That's it."

He did climb back over, and Little gave him that promised hug.

"You all right?" Little asked.

"Yeah," the man said with a sob.

Little then walked the man back to his patrol car.

"You can put your arm around me; I don't give a crap, man," he said.

The last thing you hear on the video, which was edited and redacted to protect the man's identity, is Little asking another question.

"What's going on?"


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