SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A pair of small planes taxied through the streets of Scottsdale early Thursday morning as pilots took them from Scottsdale Airpark to WestWorld for the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction.

The planes took to the streets at about 2 a.m. There is no landing strip at WestWorld, so Cessna determined that driving -- taxing -- was the best way to get the planes from point A to point B.

One of the planes is the fastest single-engine fixed-gear plane in the air. That one will be on display, but the other, a vintage Army reconnaissance plane, will be up for sale.

"Cessna, Kansas Aircraft Corporation and Okoboji Classic Cars partnered to bring a restored L-19 Bird Dog and Dodge M37 truck to the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction," according to the Lot #3008 information.

The L-19 Bird Dog went into service in 1951.

"[K]nown to be 'worth its weight in gold' for its artillery spotting, medevac operations and search and rescue missions, the L19 Bird was renowned for its maneuverability and performance while on the front line," the online description reads.

Retired Army pilot Ross Schoneboom flew U.S. Army 24501 here from Kansas.

"It wasn't built to go fast, but it was built to go somewhere and hang out there for a long time, and it does that pretty well," he said before driving the plane about two miles from Scottsdale Airpark to WestWorld.

Cessna, which bought the Army two-seater specifically to be sold Barrett-Jackson auction, had to get a special permit from the city to taxi it and the display plane to WestWorld. They also hired off-duty Scottsdale police offices to escort them.

The route took them from 82nd Street to Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard to the Loop 101 frontage road into WestWorld.

Proceeds from the sale of the war bird, which is paired with a restored Dodge M37 truck, will benefit the Armed Forces Foundation, which assists active-duty and retired military personnel.

"Together this duo is an impressive piece of both military and aviation history that will not only add substantial interest to any collection, but will also honor the work of one of our country's most respected veteran's organizations," reads the Barrett-Jackson website.

"It'd be great to stick it in a hangar and look at it, but it was built to fly," Schoneboom told 3TV's Jared Dillingham. "I hope whoever buys it will get out and fly it."

Lot #3008 and #3008.1 will go on the auction block a week from Saturday at about 1 p.m.. There is no reserve price.

Barrett-Jackson week is Jan. 12-19.


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