CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The video is hard to watch.

A dad is filming his twin daughters' first moments of life at Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center when doctors drop their then-3-pound baby Morgan onto her head.

[WATCH: Parents upset after video shows their newborn was dropped by doctors in Chandler]

"No one can prepare you for seeing the negligence, seeing them carelessly handle her," said their mom, Monique Rodgers. "This is a baby. She's fragile. She's 3 pounds, and you're handling her like she's a sack of potatoes, like she's not a human being."

[WATCH: Doctors drop newborn on her head in Chandler]

Monique and her husband Derrick said when they confronted the doctor about what happened, they got no apology.

"I showed him the video, and he was speechless. He didn't say anything," said Derrick.

Morgan spent 12 days in the NICU, and once they were home Monique noticed her shaking, so she took her to a new doctor.

She said that doctor had Morgan's paperwork and noticed an ultrasound was ordered by the hospital five days after birth due to her low birth weight, and the results showed she had a grade 1 brain hemorrhage.

Monique said she had no idea testing was done at all.

"No matter how small it is, I should've been notified that she was having an ultrasound done. I should've been notified of the results," she said.

The Rodgers are now wondering if the drop was a factor in their daughter's brain bleeding.

[WATCH: Parents upset after video shows their newborn was dropped by doctors in Chandler]

But Dr. Greg Marchand, an OBGYN unaffiliated with the case, said that type of non-severe hemorrhage isn't surprising in this baby, with or without the drop.

"It's certainly not abnormal, in fact, pretty common in low birth weight babies," Marchand said.

But he did say there was clearly lack of communication from the doctors to the family.

"I did see the video and it was pretty disturbing," said Marchand. "When you know that a mistake has happened, it is common practice to admit it as quickly as possible and give full disclosure to the family."

Now, Monique and Derrick are hoping to get more answers and praying their baby is OK.

"As a mother, you're supposed to be your child's protector, and I felt like I couldn't do that, that day," said Monique.

Baby Morgan is scheduled to see a neurologist in August.

Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center sent Arizona's Family the following statement on Thursday:

"Because of patient privacy laws and a request from the family not to release information, we are unable to comment specifically on this matter. The safety of our patients and their families is always our top concern. The medical team at Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center takes this matter extremely seriously and is working to conduct a comprehensive review."


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(38) comments


they need to sue..if something is permantly wrong years later and from this incident..then the parents would of wished they sued..and thats awful not communicating with the parents about test done..and not even an apology..they were just hoping no one noticed and just looking out for their butts..these parents have to sue so this never happens again to other parents


The video clearly shows the Nurse pulling/tugging on the blanket , that last tug caused the baby to flip out of the Drs. Hands..

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Comment deleted.
AZ Native

Hey Daddy..... seems the doctors on the east side aren't too swift.


Where did my comments go? They weren't bad, they just sided with the doctor. So much for free speech.

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Comment deleted.

Daddy Dummy Now that is the dumbest comment yet from you can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


ok, Everybody calm down. Reading the story you think it was dropped on it's head onto the floor. Poor baby fell inches onto a padded gurney. Being just 3 lbs is a bigger story. Hoping the baby heals and grows up happy & healthy.

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Comment deleted.
JF Conlon

Are you tresemme's daddy? From "tookey? AND "trained military"?? oh wow

Comment deleted.

What evidence do you have as to their political persuasion (if either has one)? And what does politics have to do with making sure that you can pay the bills for complications that may arise. That's a common reason for malpractice suits, you know.

Comment deleted.

Take out the Republican trash already... MA NOT GREAT A by re-electing trump and his clown/trash followers... Can't wait for a change of pace when someone new gets elected... get these closet racists the F outta here.


I meant to add to my comment, that necessary care can almost ALWAYS be given with the side rails kept up to make sure the baby does not fall from the bed.


I am a retired NICU nurse, and have attended many deliveries. The babies though small were vigorous and pink. In a hectic lifesaving situation, a baby might be unintentionally mishandled, rarely causing permanent harm. There was no reason for these babies to be handled in such a manner that one of them would be dropped in this way. The whole situation could have been MUCH worse with the side rails on the radiant warmer down. One can give needed care quite efficiently unless intubation is needed or an IV started.

Comment deleted.

An deserve it

Comment deleted.

+++++++++++++++i bet you live on the west side


+++As sad as it is, that baby can be taken care of the rest of her life, an for your stress you can be home in a nice house to care for your babies.. So wrong on doctors .Tell them show me the money u moron


Chandler Regional needs to write a big fat check now. That baby was handled very carelessly. Write the check!


This is horrible! I pray for the family and baby. No excuse for dropping the precious baby.
Someone messed up and needs to be held accountable and take responsibility! It makes me so angry and sad.


So Dignity's statement doesn't at least say that they are sorry for what happened. Wow. And I'm confused as to how the hospital says the parents asked for the hospital not to release any info yet here the parents are on all the news channels. Take responsibility Dignity.


Wow, some these comments are just horrible, a premature baby was dropped on her head onto a hard surface minutes after birth. And parents were NOT informed of the brain bleed or obtained consent for the scan. All of this is just all wrong!
I recently had surgery in March, where my surgeon made my incision on the wrong side of my body & he simply just said he made a "mistake ". No one from Chandler Regional reach out to me to apologize for the mistake made in their OR with their multiple staff members who are all responsible for ensuring the proper procedure is followed.


Lorrie, it's called an accident. It was not on purpose. Plus, the parents were there recording it. Plus the parents did find out about any other issues else how would you find out. Lawyers are killing the US.


I cannot believe some of these heartless comments. I hate this world. My God! This poor mother and father. I've had a child overdosed by a hospital before and I didn't sue, but I would definitely encourage these parents to. Why? It didn't stop at dropping the baby. No apology, no informed consent, and no follow-up to procedures.


As Webo said these dolts and their ambulance chasing lawyer are just looking to make some cash. My grandson was handled very roughly because he did not start breathing properly but that is how they woke him up. Oh and when I was born my dad said the doctor all but threw me up on a table in front of an open window since there was no AC and he knew sun rays and fresh air were the best thing for me. Today the poor babies are not allowed to be in the sun or breath fresh air for almost a week.


Dean do you believe that the situation faced by your family represents all situations? Babies born at night are doomed? What?


nuusmaan you sure know how to show your ignorance


Amazing how "experts" (actually ultracrepidarians) come of the woodwork on this site. Yet, it's so very very hard to find someone competent at their profession IRL.




Slippery little devil... Two words: salad tongs (because those little forks you stick in the ends of a corn cob would just be cruel...)


Is that supposed to be funny?


you are a F'N Joke, you should probably just croak so you can stop taking oxygen from people with a heart that deserve it... You are a soul-less A-hole that is a troll. All you do is right stupid comments hoping to entice people... Congrats... you are probably a MAGA fan too LOL


A lawsuit looking for an opportunity. This happens on occasion. Newborn's are very slippery. They make it sound like the baby was dropped on to the floor. Neither the hospital nor the doctor are going to apologize. Ambulance chasing scumbag lawyers use that as an admission of some kind of fault. Don't apologize doc. And no more video camera's in the delivery room. Blame these clowns for that, but the problem will be solved.

As for the "rough handling" of the baby, welcome to a delivery room. They need to see/hear deep lung expansion, crying and firm handling confirms this. Remember the old days when the doctor would spank or otherwise smack the baby to get it to scream or cry? I assume they are also going to sue the nurses for the "rough handling" when they did the APGAR score. Suction/grimace, respiratory/loud cry, etc.. You don't want a limp, quiet baby. THAT will scare the heck out of you. Not this.




Wow. A 5 paragraph essay on baby handling? Sad life. Don’t act like if this was YOUR child you wouldn’t expect an apology at the very least. There is no reason not to apologize it’s called being a decent human being.


Sadly, the perpetually offended and the unforgiving are the majority today.

Also scumbag lawyers are not decent human beings. Neither is the lawsuit crazy public. If people would, after an apology, accept the apology and forgive the person then the world would be a better place.


the doctor should have cared first


Hello they didn't get an apology! Doctors can be the rudest people.


Do Doctors accept an apology in payment for care arising from their errors? No.


I agree with you, Webo.


nice way to cover up. the doctor already knows this, but didn't seem to use any caution

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