Mug shot of Ramon Bueno

Mug shot of Ramon Bueno

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS) -- A jury has just handed down a verdict for the man on trial for shooting a DPS Trooper in the face five years ago in Phoenix.

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Ramon Bueno was accused of attempted murder after Trooper James Casey was shot in the face.

On Thursday, a jury found Bueno guilty on seven counts, but they deadlocked on the attempted murder charge-- the judge declared a mistrial for that count. He was found guilty on all other counts. Those charges included three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of threatening and intimidating, and drive-by shooting.

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On Oct. 8 of 2014, Bueno was in the car with four others when Casey stopped their car near Interstate 17 and McDowell Road for a window tint violation.  

Now retired, Casey took the stand in the trial of the alleged gunman and recounted what happened.

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Casey told jurors that a passenger in the back seat lied about his identity, so Casey asked for his social security number. That’s when gunfire broke out.

"When he said 'six' I started to lean in because it sounded like he was giving me something," said Casey. "And he said 'zero.' I heard 'zero' and the next thing I heard was an explosion. I always thought it spun me completely around but it spun me. The last thing I saw was Trooper Ofano and he had a look of terror on his face."

Investigators say the man who pulled the trigger was Bueno.

During Bueno's trial, Casey recalled officers rushing to his aid. "I just remember one of them laying there and he was like shaking me and telling me don't let that scumbag kill you, hang in, hang in," said Casey. "I was making a mental note not to touch my face. I was afraid if I put my hands in my face I'd feel a gaping hole and go into shock and die."

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Prosecutors described Bueno as a gang member who didn’t want to get caught. Defense attorneys argued that Bueno was not the shooter and that Casey pointed to someone else in a suspect line up.

"You never forget the face of a guy who shot you in the face. So, I'm 100 percent positive," Casey said.

Bueno could face up to 120 years in prison, but the sentencing won't happen for 30 days.

"I hope he’ll get enough prison [time] that he’ll never see the light of day," Casey said. "That’s a very dangerous man. So, it was tough."

Casey, who was 44 at the time of the shooting, had been with DPS for six years. He spent five hours in surgery following the shooting. He says he plans to start writing a book in 2020.

"I’ll always think about this," Casey said. "I don’t want to think about the trial, but this will never go away."


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