(Meredith) -- Say farewell to bikini baristas and hello to the Dreamboyz.

The Dreamboyz Espresso coffee shop opened last week in Seattle, which features shirtless male baristas. The shop used to be a "bikini barista" shop called LadyBug Bikini, where female baristas wore bikinis.

LadyBug Bikini closed due to a lack of business, but the store owners are hoping the change to shirtless men will draw a crowd.

While "bikini barista" shops can be found all around the country, Dreamboyz Espresso is the first shop of its kind to feature men.

The owners of the new Dreamboyz Espresso also reportedly own 45 LadyBug Bikini Espresso stands throughout Washington state and Oregon, according to Fox News.

The owners told KIRO that it was actually former LadyBug Bikini customers and employees that suggested opening a bikini shop with male baristas.

The owners said they may open more Dreamboyz locations depending on the first store’s success.

You can follow Dreamboyz Espresso on Instagram here.

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