(Meredith) - A therapy dog named Magnus has become quite the workout partner.

The very loyal Labrador retriever is committed to helping his 47-year-old owner, Brian Benson, stay in shape. 

"His favorite yoga position is downward dog," Benson told People magazine. 

Benson, who lives in New York, regularly posts videos of their workout routines to social media. 

"Working out is always better with your bestie," he wrote in one Facebook post.

Dog helps his human with daily workout routines

This image from a video shows Magnus the Therapy Dog helping his owner, Brian Benson, workout.

For the past two years, Magnus has also visited schools and hospitals as a therapy dog. Benson said Magnus "shows an empathy that can't be taught." He recalled one time the Lab cheered up an elderly patient, who "hadn't smiled in weeks." 

"Moments like that remind me Magnus is doing a lot of good," he said.

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