(Meredith) -- There might be a lot of commotion in the toilet paper aisle at your local Walmart, but for one store in Springfield, Missouri, that commotion got a whole lot more intense.

According to KY3, a woman was shopping for toilet paper when her water suddenly broke.

"We were like 'Oh my gosh, is this going to actually happen?'" Jessica Hinkle, the store manager, told KY3.

Right as the woman went into labor, she warned the Walmart staff that her last child came in just 30 minutes. The staff scrambled to help her as best they could, even holding up a sheet to block the aisle to give her more privacy.

As the woman was in labor, a delivery nurse who happened to be around the corner approached the staff and asked to help. The staff said it was okay, so the nurse pulled out a pair of gloves and got to work.

Eventually, firefighters arrived at the scene to help the woman through the rest of her 45-minute delivery.

The customers in the store were also very supportive, cheering and encouraging the woman the entire time.

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