(Meredith) — A New Jersey police officer saved the life of a baby girl who was not breathing when her mom gave birth to her in a train station bathroom this week. 

Newly released bodycam video shows what happened when officers arrived at the women's restroom in Newark's Penn Station on Tuesday.

Police found a mother in one of the stalls cradling her newborn, who was gray in color. 

"Officer Bryan Richards immediately began chest compressions. Nevertheless, the baby remained unresponsive," the New Jersey Transit Police Department said in a statement Friday.

He radioed for EMS, but realizing the dire need for immediate medical care, Richards decided to rush the baby to the hospital. 

Officer Alberto Nunes drove the police cruiser as Richards continued to the pump the girl's chest while offering words of encouragement. 

Moments later, the baby girl let out a cry and began to breathe.

“There we go. Good girl. Good girl. Good girl," Richards said as they arrived at the hospital.

Police said the infant is doing well. 

"An excellent job and another precious life saved by New Jersey Transit Police Officers!" the department wrote. 

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