(WSAV/CNN/Meredith) -- Of all the things that could hit your windshield when you're driving down the road, a turtle is probably the last thing you'd expect.

In fact, a woman in Savannah, Georgia was so shocked when a turtle came through her windshield that she actually thought it was some kind of alien at first.

The strange incident happened to driver Latonya Lark while she was driving on Truman Parkway on May 12. She said a turtle flew through her windshield on the passenger side, where her brother Kevin Grant was sitting. The two were out running errands.

Lark said she thought the turtle was a brick as it flew toward her car. The next thing Grant knew, he was covered in glass.

The turtle was stuck halfway through the windshield, still alive.

Lark said when she first saw the turtle, it “freaked her out” and she thought it was an alien. Then, she realized it was a turtle.

Lark said the turtle lost one of its legs. She thinks another driver must have struck it on the road, causing it to fly back toward her car.

Neither Lark nor Grant were seriously injured, and Lark was able to get a new windshield. Although the turtle initially survived the impact, after it was taken to Oatland Island Wildlife Center, it died.

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