(Meredith) – A school district in Indiana is working to provide take-home meals for students in need to ensure they have enough food to eat over the weekends. 

Elkhart Community Schools teamed up with a non-profit group called Cultivate to create a pilot program that will provide weekend meals for a small group of children at Woodland Elementary, WSBT reported.

The district's goal is to expand the program to feed more students in neighboring schools. 

As part of the pilot program, 20 kids will receive a backpack with eight individual frozen meals every Friday until the end of the school year. The meals will be made using food that cafeteria workers prepared but never served, according to WSBT.

“Over-preparing is just part of what happens," said Cultivate spokesperson Jim Conklin. "We take well-prepared food, combine it with other food and make individual frozen meals out if it."

Natalie Bickel, the supervisor of student services at Elkhart, said the leftover food was going to waste because there wasn't anything to do with it, until now.

The Elkhart Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy helped launch the pilot program. Melissa Ramey, a member of the academy, said the program is already "making a big impact."

“I am proud of that," she said. "It was heartbreaking to hear that children go home on the weekends and that they don't have anything to eat.”

Information from WSBT via CNN Newsource contributed to this story.

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(8) comments


What a bunch of Old Biddies! If you have a better idea...then DO IT!


You know what else the schools do? The food doesnt stop getting delivered to the schools in the summer. Some schools put out giant box PALLETS of food which locals come and clear it out. Nice to know that tax payers dollars pay for this as teachers complain about funding. How about a story on that azfamily? /eyeroll


The teacher funding issue rests more on misuse of funds than amount of taxes levied. While I agree that far too much taxpayer money is pis*ed away, this is a lot better than nothing. I'd much rather see something like this than an admin raise or new positions and programs that serve little purpose.


What kind of petty douchebag wouldn't be for this?


nice and noble, but the feds or parents should be paying for this, not the local school district which lives on my property tax


And would you rather the food be thrown out into the trash and wasted? This is a wonderful program and should be replicated all across the country at all school districts.


runningwater, I would rather the school district purchase LESS food to begin with so there is no leftovers.


Less federal control is a good thing. As far as this goes, it's nice to see that our tax dollars are being wasted just a little less. The amount of waste in government is horrendous, these employees are making solid use of those funds. Not a complete win, but utilizing excess funds for something worthwhile is a good start. If only the same could be done with administration.

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