Monica Paredes and Carlos Rivera

Monica Paredes and Carlos Rivera are seen in booking photos released by the Glendale Police Department on March 22, 2019.

GLENDALE, Calif. (KTLA) -- A man and woman have been arrested in a major, organized retail theft ring in Glendale after detectives found them in possession of more than $100,000 of stolen merchandise and cash, police announced Friday.

Carlos Rivera, of Los Angeles, and Monica Paredes, of Van Nuys, were identified as the suspects responsible for running the major theft operation after an extensive investigation, the Glendale Police Department said in a news release. Both were booked on charges of felony receiving stolen property.

During a search conducted on March 13 at the apartment of Paredes, located in the 15000 block of Sherman Way in Van Nuys, police found over $100,000 worth of stolen merchandise from Lululemon, Victoria Secret, Zumiez, Abercrombie and Fitch, Ralph Lauren-Polo, Hollister, The Disney Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ugg, Nike, Adidas, Champion and Sunglass Hut.

Police also recovered over 400 pairs of sunglasses stored in display and individual cases, valued at approximately $37,000. Sunglass Hut officials traced $7,000 worth of stolen sunglasses to Utah, Ohio and California.

Several high-end designer handbags were also recovered, as well as 100 Jujube Tokidoki backpacks and 64 Mitchell and Ness Sports Jerseys valued at more than $22,000.

Along with the merchandise, police found $40,000 in cash hidden behind a child’s crib.

No other details were released.

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I think we can all agree these are scumbags who are doing society a favor by being locked up. Can we leave their ethnicity out of this? It has no relevance .


How did Sunglass Hut trace stolen sunglasses?




Everyone knows raccoons are thieves.


It's not hard to see why she likes to collect sunglasses.

JF Conlon

What's wrong with her eyes?


More dreamers...


The 'brown cancer' just continues to spread like wildfire...




What do you expect in Mexifornia where illegals have more rights than US citizens?

Jim B

You hit the nail on the head


Since you HATE Mexicans so much, why not move to say, West Virginia where it's 95% white? Why stay here and b*tch all day? Wouldn't you love not having to see another brown face as long as you live? Mexicans in Arizona aren't going away, so it's kinda pathetic to watch all the racists rush to post their whiny comments on every crime story involving a brown person. "Illegal this, illegal that." You people are pitiful.. and powerless.

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