DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit father is accused of killing a young man who allegedly shot his 15-year-old son in the face while trying to rob the boy during the sale of a video game in Detroit.

Capt. Russell Solano says a preliminary investigation found the boy had arranged to meet Thursday evening with the young man at the boy's home on Detroit's southwest side.

Solano says the boy's father, who saw what happened from a window, rushed outside. Detroit police spokeswoman Officer Holly Lance tells The Detroit News the father shot the young man.

Solano says the 15-year-old was in serious condition, but was "going to be fine.

Lance says the 36-year-old father was taken into custody. The case is expected to be reviewed by prosecutors to determine whether charges will be brought.

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they're coming here in Arizona

TRUMP supporter

Dad did his job. Good for him.


Sounds like a shi.tty state to live in; someone is trying to murder the guy's son and the dad gets in trouble for shooting the guy who is trying to murder his son.


Maybe this issue in that state isn't that he killed the guy who was trying to kill his son, maybe it's the gun use that is the issue; a prohibited possessor, or guns aren't allowed to be used in that state in the manner he used it. Maybe if he had cracked the guy's head open with a shovel he wouldn't be in any trouble.


The guy had a gun. A shovel would have been a bad choice.


The gun was not responsible. It is an inanimate object that can do nothing by itself. By your logic cars should be banned as they kill many more people every year than guns. But then you socialists all drive cars so that will never happen.


Hey Dean, I'm a socialist? Really? Meh, I've been called worse by better than you. But anyway, I'm not opposed to a person using a firearm to protect themselves and others. What I was trying to say was that maybe the arrest had nothing to do with him killing the guy. In that state they may have such strict gun laws that he was arrested for using a gun but not for the killing. Maybe if he had used some other method to kill the guy he would not have been arrested. Or maybe he is a prohibited possessor due to some type of prior conviction.


Gotta say, if it was my kid that just got shot in the face I would have likely done the same thing.


same thing happened to a friend of mine he took his son to meet and sell a game console, dude took off with it, dad chased him down and gave him a push from behind, dude went face first into the pavement with him on his back, forearm on the back of his head to endure a quality impact, guess it worked, said his nose was shredded from the asphalt, damned near ground if flush to his face, didn't even have to draw the Sig, stayed holstered.


That idiot doesn't understand why. Hmm.. maybe because the scum just shot his son. Obviously Americans getting more retarded.


Agree 100% with you.


Should have shot him twice [ohmy]


Isn't it great to live in such an evolved country that any moron can get a gun to use to settle petty disputes? (That was rhetorical and sarcastic - none of you gun worshiping mental pygmies need to agree thinking I was being sincere.)


I am more curious as to where the "young man" who shot the other kid in the face got a weapon. And of course weapons should never be drawn unless it is a matter of life and death. There is an argument that since the other kid (who should not be in possession of a gun) pulled out a gun and shot someone, the man acted in self-defense. It is also nice that we live in a country where people can say pretty much anything they want without repercussion.


Such an erudite remark. You truly are a God among men.


refugee - You get credit for using a thesaurus. "erudite" I'm impressed that at least one commenter on here knows one multi-syllabic word.... Kudos.


Having lived in 3 other countries..... you can always move if you don't like the US Constitution Obey. Why don't you Obey the master law of the land which is the Constitution?


Justin Picposting - Is that really the best response you can come up with - to tell me to move out of the country? You disappoint me. For the record, I appreciate the Constitution especially the first four words of the 2nd Amendment. Do you know what those words say and mean??


Fortunately, the 2nd amendment goes beyond those first four words. It's called context. The rulings on that have always supported individual rights. I only said if you want to have no guns for common citizens (which is what you claim here and elsewhere, while letting the cops have free reign), then you can move to a country that supports your viewpoint (North Korea supports that.... surprisingly, so does Singapore). If you want to remain in the country, that's great, we welcome you - just don't force your opinion against the Constitution's. It's even ok to disagree with the Constitution if you like, just note that your opinion is moot compared to its. Cheers.


'petty dispute' ? Sounds more like a gun being used in the commission of a crime than a petty dispute


Yeah, but what about when Walt made Jesse go shoot Gail in the face? That wasn't petty.


I presume you would be just as emotional if the weapon used would have been a knife, baseball bat or bare hands?


I came to AZFamily today to see whether they still have comments. Not surprised to see people who were born human celebrating death here today. There are people grieving over this gun violence. My condolences to them.

JF Conlon

You missed the $10 Million Shoplifting Sweepstakes?!


Good for Dad!


Great, here we go ! Can already see the spin the liberal media is pushing, trying to make the RESPONSE to attempted murder worse than the actual attempted murder. No let's sit back and see the race of all parties. Pretty sure I can see what is going to happen..

Phillup Witgas

[thumbup] I'll second that



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