Sarah Lockner

Sarah Jane Lockner, 25, of Redwood City, was arrested on Sept. 4, 2017 after reportedly giving birth to a baby boy and then trying to drown the newborn in a toilet at the McDonald's restaurant where she worked.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — A 27-year-old California woman won’t serve any time in prison for holding her newborn baby face-down in a toilet moments after giving birth at a McDonald’s restaurant restroom more than a year and a half ago, prosecutors said.

On Friday, San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Garratt placed Sarah Jane Lockner on four years of supervised probation. Lockner was also ordered to complete parenting classes.

Lockner was originally charged with attempted murder, but she pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of felony child endangerment on Jan. 14 after Garratt said she would consider imposing a sentence lighter than the four years she had previously offered.

According to prosecutors, Lockner gave birth to a baby boy while working as a cashier at the McDonald’s on the 100 block of Chestnut Street in Redwood City on Sept. 4, 2017. Lockner went to the restroom several times with complaints of stomach pain.

During one trip, a co-worker noticed blood on the floor, which Lockner reportedly dismissed as her having a “heavy period.”

A second co-worker who went to check on Lockner during another visit looked over the stall and saw a newborn facedown in the toilet, with Lockner’s hand on his back, prosecutors said. As the coworker stepped down, she told investigators she heard the toilet flush.

Lockner reportedly told the co-worker not to call police, but the co-worker did anyway, and responding officers found the baby boy not breathing and without a pulse. He was rushed to a hospital and placed in a medically induced coma, but has since recovered.

In an interview earlier this year, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said the child was living with his father’s aunt and meeting all his milestones.

The bathroom birth was the second for Lockner, who delivered a baby at home about five years ago, according to prosecutors.

While there was nothing criminal about the first delivery, Lockner reportedly said she did not know she was pregnant either time.

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Attempted murder... judge is clueless and obviously doesn’t value life or justice. Has provided another opportunity for this woman to procreate and try to murder again. Co-worker is a hero.


This article is 10 short paragraphs. The judge sat through the trial. Careful who you call clueless. Don't assume that I agree or disagree with the verdict or the way the case was handled, because 10 short paragraphs-worth is just enough to learn a little.


She is 27 years old and did not know she was pregnant? Stupid is as stupid does.

Big Rich

In an interview earlier this year, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said the child was living with his father’s aunt and meeting all his milestones......Why would the DA's father's aunt get custody? ......I know...this is just more p1ss poor writing.


Please read it again. the language is quite clear


^^What Dean said^^


Women like this need to be forcibly sterilized.


Glue her snatch shut and legs together


Liberal judge Stephanie Garratt must be a pro late term abortion idiot. Seriously letting felons off with no punishment is getting out of hand in this country.

Bob Regan

Yeah.....but what are you gonna do. Trump keep's on pardoning them.


Trump would not pardon someone who tried to kill her baby. Get real you liberal!

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