(CNN) -- A Florida woman was arrested last week on felony neglect charges after police said her five children were living in filthy conditions, including a girl whose backpack allegedly had bugs crawl out of it at school.

Jessica Nicole Stevenson

This booking photo shows 33-year-old Jessica Nicole Stevenson. She was released on bond after police arrested her on felony neglect charges. A judge ordered that she cannot contact her children while she awaits trial.

Jessica Nicole Stevenson, 33, of Milton in Florida's Panhandle, was arrested May 3, two weeks after an elementary school worker alleged that Stevenson's second-grade daughter had worn the same clothes to school for a week, court documents filed by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office read.

The school worker made the allegation April 18 to a sheriff's deputy, who investigated.

The worker alleged, according to the deputy's investigation report:

• The girl, when asked, didn't know the last time she'd taken a shower or a bath.

• The worker gave the girl clean clothes, and dirt "was caked into" the old clothing.

• One of the garments "had caked fecal matter and urine soaked into" it.

• Previously, "hundreds of bugs crawled out of (the girl's) backpack in the lunchroom," and the worker was told that the children's house "is currently infested with roaches."

• The school had given the girl numerous new sets of clothes, "but eventually wears them over and over again."

The family's house was infested with roaches, sheriff's office says

That night, a sheriff's deputy checked the family's home, where Stevenson and her five children, ranging in age from 5 to 14, lived.

The house was infested with roaches and extremely filthy, the investigation report reads.

"The roaches were on nearly every surface in the home, to include on the children's mattress, in the pots and pans in the kitchen, and inside the cabinets/fridge," the report says.

Piles of cat feces were "all over the floor," and the cabinets had no food, according to the report.

"There were no clean clothes anywhere in the home except a few articles between the oldest children and the mother," the report reads.

The school worker said she alerted Florida's Department of Children and Families to the family at the start of the school year. The DCF visited the home "but determined it did not meet their removal criteria," the sheriff's deputy's investigation report reads.

Stevenson was charged with five counts of neglect of a child without great bodily harm, a third-degree felony. If convicted on all counts, she could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

After bond was set at $12,500, Stevenson was released on May 4 after paying or promising to pay 10%, court documents say.

Stevenson says she has never neglected her children

CNN's attempts to reach Stevenson for comment Saturday were not immediately successful. Stevenson has indicated she wants a public defender to represent her, court documents show.

The county court clerk's office does not list an attorney for her. A call to the public defender's office in Santa Rosa County wasn't immediately returned.

Stevenson told CNN affiliate WEAR this week that she has never neglected or abused her children.

She said she is single and has little income.

"It's just not easy when you're one person and five kids. I want to do better, and I'm trying," Stevenson told WEAR.

As a condition for her release while awaiting trial, a judge ordered that she have no contact with her children and drink no alcohol.

It wasn't immediately clear where the children were living after Stevenson's release on bond.

She told WEAR her house does have roaches but she hopes to resolve that problem soon.

"We have roaches. And people will tell me all the time, everyone in Florida has roaches," Stevenson told WEAR

She is scheduled to be arraigned May 30 at the Santa Rosa County Courthouse in Milton, according to the court clerk's office.

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(30) comments


This woman is a pig.


Would Gloop and trsalemme just get a room already?? The sexual tension is just way too much...


Ah yes, I see we've entered the phase of online news defined by 1) the underlying comments become more and more outlandish, 2) responses are less and less about the article and more about the readers, and 3) the thin skin of the commentators grows unabated lol. Unfortunately, its also when publishers decide to take the option away. I for one, hope that doesn't happen.


Little income does not have to equal filth...it's an excuse.




When my wife and I were first starting out, we had little income as well. It was back in the day when WIC would deliver a box of cereal, loaf of bread, gallon of milk, dozen eggs, jar of peanut butter, and 2 sticks of butter right to your doorstep, once a week. Pretty sure we didn't have a roach problem, nor did we abuse our kids. Matter of fact, we busted our as.s so we could GET OFF WELFARE. Imagine if just 25% of current welfare recipients felt the same...

JF Conlon

You were in the "trained" military, you were on welfare, you were some other paramilitary, you went bankrupt. Now your kids are grown, your wife lives in a condo, you have a house in Phx and a spare house in "Tookie" and you have a young child. AND you are the "World's Foremost Authority" (taking the job over from Cosmic Ray). But, deciding who should live or die . . . . that's stretching it!

Agustus Gloop

Don't forget his expertise on internal combustion driven transport ( aka Vette). That's why he'll be heading over to pass judgement on Florida Car Surfer Dude. I bet he gives him death. "I am more than content with my ability to operate motor vehicles of all kinds, and I have been lucky enough to get training in operation and safety of those vehicles, LIGHT YEARS beyond drivers ed."
"So if I am to fall victim to the "catastrophe", it will be due to someone else's negligence." "THAT is why I rejoice at stories like this. Any time someone who represents a danger to society, takes themselves out, its one less cog in the catastrophe wheel that I have to worry about."


It saddens me that you lack the common sense to figure it out.
I feel even worse that I have to spell it out for you. BUT I do like to look at my resume, fro the cheap seats, every now and then.
First of all, my wife doesn't live in a condo. I know what story you gleamed that from. But as usual, you didn't pay attention. I live with my family.
I was never paramilitary(unless you consider HWY Patrol paramilitary)
And YES. I own a home in tukee, and rent a home in north valley.
And best of al, thanks to my military service, and subsequent "disabilities, I don't pay a mortgage OR rent. :::present middle finger:::
I find it almost amusing that people want to discredit the lives of others, based on their own lack of experiences or success.


NO gloopy, I didn't comment in that story. Don't care about car surfer dude. Sounds like he suffering enough with being around his wife.

Agustus Gloop

Hey Tom,
I know our relationship is in it's infancy but wondering if, from your cheap seat, you could list what you know about me?

Sincerely, Gloopy


I don't know a thing about you. And I couldn't care less. :) Nothing you have said has any real merit. It seems as if you are trying to rationalize everyone else's opinions in your own mind, by creating this new little hate group of yours. Which is interesting. You want to call other people hateful... I only go to my cheap seats when I feel like I have to explain some very mundane things, that I assume an average person could comprehend. I have never challenged anything you have said about yourself have I..is it because you haven't said anything? Probably. And that's fine :) I base my OPINIONS on things I have been through and/or witnessed. That's it. I really do think its amusing that soooo many people ( on this website) want to try and say someone is making stuff up, or discredit them in some manner, just because they mention their experiences to better illustrate their opinion on the topic at hand. And me being me, of course, I feel the need to have to defend myself. Then that just feeds the trolls even more, I guess. Im very glad I got to experience the things I got to experience. Im sorry that so many others cannot say the same.
As for your other post about the 16 year old who killed herself...im not a maverick. Do you think that officer would feel the same way if he were to lose a family member to a driver like her? I just don't feel sorry for dangerous criminals. Druggies especially. But since YOU know nothing about ME, you would never know about my 32 year old brother, and his death at the hand of heroin, and how he was drunk and drug addict from age of 16, and how he stole from the entire family for years to keep his habit going...and the dozens of rehabs he went in. And the thousands of dollars he stole from my mom, as she was slipping into dementia And yes, im glad hes gone. He was worthless. Im grateful for what I have. My kids, grown and toddler, and all the cool internal combustion machines( Vette, and you forgot Harley) I have. And a loving partner of over 22 years. Don't care about you in the least :*

Agustus Gloop

My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I have not experienced, first hand, the carnage drug addiction has on a family but I have experienced grief. I wonder, if that were my daughter that died the other day, my wife that was distraught, fresh on the scene. Would you tell me you are glad my daughter is dead? Would you wish suffering on my family?

Agustus Gloop

Hey Tom,
It's these abused kids that grow up to commit the sins that keep your AZ Family Knights of Righteousness hate group in business. Second grade, eight years old? You might get lucky and at age 16, this kid makes a mistake and your people can pounce, rejoice in their misfortune and celebrate their death, wish pain and suffering on the family.


Oh yeah? HUH! I never tried to make that distinction. So you are saying...that the only people to commit crimes were abused as kids? Or are you saying all abused kids grow up to commit crimes? You are wrong either way. Your hole is getting deeper. Keep trying though!

Agustus Gloop

Hey Tom,
It's terrible down here in my deep hole of embarrassment, I hope my sincerely apology, for poor communication, returns me to the top side. Children that suffer abuse are more likely to make a mistake, later in life than children that don't experience abuse. It's more nuanced than that and at the risk of digging in deeper, I’ll leave that research to you. My greater point stands, today you can call for the death of the abuser and in few years, if the abused child stumbles, you and your people can pounce. Here’s a couple of your quotes that may come in handy from time to time: “Did i mention im glad that stupid wretch teenager is dead?” “I hope her family suffers.”




Happy Mother's Day!
Courageous single mother!


Happy Mother's Day!


Should be neutered


and you should be spayed moron.


Here is someone that needs to be in one of the wrong way crashes we have here.


hopefully you'll be with her.


Nope [tongue] I dont drive drunk. And im always aware of my surroundings. Sorry about your luck.


Quit protecting your mom/cousin

JF Conlon

She deserves to die because she has too many bugs?! She's yet another threat to your new family?


No..she deserves to die for reproducing, then keeping them in disgusting filth, AND physically abusing them. New family? You don't pay attention to detail I see. ( big surprise)

Agustus Gloop

Another disaster you want? Something to gripe about. First you say you've had it with all the death and destruction and now you advocate it? Can you share with us, who you'd like to see in those mangled cars? Not me, I'm already been promised a bullet from your clip.


I have had it with all of the death and destruction of INNOCENT people. I would very much like to see the drunks, druggies, and other miscreants be the only ones in the mangled cars. And it's not called a "clip" You sound even more ignorant when you say that. Its called a "magazine".

Agustus Gloop

I have been around weapons all my life so don't need you to pounce when I make a simple error. I realize a clip goes in a revolver and magazine goes in your fully automatic pistol, shotgun shoots bullets....etc. Can you tell me how to edit my post, I see a typo above, that you missed?

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