Jamie Rathburn

This booking photo shows Jamie Rathburn.

(Meredith) - A South Carolina woman was arrested after she entered her son's elementary school without permission and yelled at a group of children, according to authorities.

The woman, identified as Jamie Rathburn, said she was upset over the alleged bullying of her third-grade son, WHNS reported.

Greenville County deputies said Rathburn admitted to sneaking into Greenbier Elementary School on May 17 and confronting kids estimated to be about 9 years old. 

According to an arrest warrant, the mom approached the kids who were seated in a hallway and began yelling at them while pointing her finger in a "threatening manner." She is also accused of using profanity inside the school, directed at a teacher.

Greenbrier Elementary

In a video posted to Facebook, the mother said she didn't know which boy she was looking for but wanted to let the children know "she was not playing around and that they better stop messing with her kid," according to the warrant. 

Rathburn was later charged with non-student interfering, disrupting, or disturbing schools. She was released on $1,000 bond and her next court date is set for June 18.

The mom said she's ashamed for storming the school and owes the parents, children and staff an apology. She said it was "wrong," but she didn't know any other way to get her point across. 

Greenville County Schools also released a statement, saying Rathburn did not take all of the appropriate steps to resolve the matter before confronting the students.

Read the district's full statement below:

"Greenville County Schools administrators and Greenbrier Elementary met with Ms. Rathburn regarding her concerns about her son's treatment at school. The school principal and the classroom teacher were taking active steps to protect the child and remedy any inappropriate behavior from his peers. Prior to her illegally entering the school building, yelling at a large group of small children and cursing at employees, Ms. Rathburn was receiving regular updates from the teacher about her son’s interactions with classmates. The teacher offered suggestions to the parent and kept a close eye on her child and those accused of bullying. One of Ms. Rathburn’s frustrations was her inability to learn how the alleged bully was being disciplined. To release this information to her would have been a violation of another family's privacy. The district has a behavior code to address disciplinary issues and that code was followed.

Greenville County Schools does not tolerate bullying regardless of age. We have an anonymous hotline to report bullying. Students in grades 3-12 have district issued devices with an app installed on the desktop to report bullying and other concerns. Our district of 76,000 students investigated 185 such reports during the 2018-2019 school year.  Responses to bullying can range from nothing (when the accusation is found to be unfounded) to expulsion. We have mental health counselors and traditional school counselors in all of our schools to assist students with trauma recovery, conflict resolution and character development.

It is our opinion that the appropriate reaction to unhappiness with a school response is to have a conversation with the adults in charge. In this case, that would be the teacher, the principal and other school administrators, or the district administration, and not a hallway filled with eight and nine year-old children. There is also a formal complaint form that can be filed with the school or the district that would launch a broad scale investigation. Ms. Rathburn never filed the complaint form or contacted anyone at the district level prior to taking illegal action.

We should point out that her arrest came after concerned adults watched Ms. Rathburn’s threatening, profanity-laden videos on social media and called law enforcement, not because our employees chose to file charges. She was placed on no trespass with Greenville County Schools after an internal investigation, not because she confronted a school bully, but because of her actions. Ms. Rathburn illegally entered a school (by her own admission), yelled at a group of young students because she didn't know which boy she was looking for, and cursed a school employee.”

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(22) comments


I like her eyeliner. I don’t care about her, her kid, or the bully.


Druggy turns mugery [scared]


Parents need to stop blaming schools and other children for not teaching their own kids social skills and how to deal with bullies.


What ever happened to the days when you handled problems as a kid yourself. Take a few lumps, give a few lumps. Now this kid has to drag “mommy’s actions” around with him for the rest of his school days. Now he’s always going to be picked on and bullied. Thanks mommy


Because the kid standing up to the bully will be expelled and the bully protected. Has been proven by this school.


I’m sure this kid would rather brag about being expelled from school than trying to live down mommy’s actions


Good for her! Same typical BS reply from the school.


I can't tell you how disturbing it is that a number of commenters here support this woman's behavior. To condone a person trespassing on a school campus, barging into a classroom, and screaming at a class full of kids is INSANE (especially in this day of active shooter threats.) ANY action by students or inaction by the administration does not justify this insanity. How would you feel if your precious booger-eater came home crying that some crazy woman barged into their class and screamed at them? Your panties would bunch so quickly you'd get a permanent rash. Parenting has really changed - and NOT for the better.


Completely agree. The world is a hard place and mommy can not always be there to save you. A lot of the people supporting her actions probably call millennials snowflakes too. How do you think they got that way? Mommy and daddy always clearing any obstacle out of the way


Thank you I so agree.


So misbehaving kids are being protected by misbehaving school officials and it is OK with you? Maybe your kid is one of the bullies being protected.


Nope. My kid got tossed for smacking a kid who was bullying a special needs student. My kids stand up for themselves and for those who can not. No snowflakes in my house.


Another "Snowplow Parent." If a parent always barges in and clears the path of any conflict in front of their kid, how will that kid every learn to deal with conflict on his own? Conflict (and bullies) are unavoidable parts of life and you'd better teach your kids how to cope with them.

Wayne kenoff

Mom of the Year award. Wears the dad at though?


kenoff - "Wears (sic) the dad though?" Hopefully he is in an English class somewhere...


Cool Mom. At least there is one parent doing the right thing with bullies. Case dismissed.


In a few years this parent will be in the news again for threatening the girl that breaks up with her son because she didn't like him anymore.[innocent]


My experience is that the arrogant staff and teachers will not listen to a parent and will take it out on the kids if you DARE to challenge anything they are doing. Go through "proper" channels and you will be totally ignored.


Teachers don't take it out on the kids lol. My wife is a teacher and an excellent one at that. Most parents are reasonable but every year there are one or two parents that are nuts and usually it shows up in their kids behavior - unfortunately for the child... Sorry to say but you fit the profile for a nutty parent based on the overly emotional tone of your comment. It could be that your kid is the class bully but then they come home to you and play the victim because they know they'll get a attention from you for doing that. It happens fairly often and those parents are ignored while the teachers try to help their child learn to socialize in ways they are not learning at home... It is true that some kids are bullied and teachers hands are tied by the political environment so its hard to stop the bullying. But the parents of those kids don't rant about teachers being arrogant and being ignored by the proper channels... Fact is that teachers are about the least arrogant people out there. They are a pretty chilled out crowd.


NOT Guilty!! Send a message to our legal system that if they charge a person with doing the right thing then it will be a waste of the courts time to try and prosecute them.


My hat is off to this mom you did the right thing to protect your son . If this is what she had to do more power to her.


Curious to know if it worked? LOVE IT, soiled britches and all.. 'Scared Straight' I'm betting nobody messes with her son again! Problem solved! That's what parents do for their children; MAKE SACRIFICES

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