(Meredith) – A Florida mother could face up to 30 years in prison after she recorded a video of her daughter licking a tongue depressor at a doctor’s office, according to authorities.

Cori Ward, 30, was charged with tampering with a consumer product without regard for possible death or bodily injury. Her attorney, Paul Shorstein, said he believes the felony charge is too harsh.

"It’s a travesty and abusive that she was charged with the highest-level crime in Florida for essentially recording her kids,” he told WJAX-TV.

Ward admitted to filming the viral video inside an exam room at the All About Kids and Families Medical Center in Jacksonville. She then uploaded the footage to Snapchat on July 9 with the caption: “Don't tell me how to live my life,” the Florida Times-Union reported.

Cori Ward

This booking photo shows 30-year-old Cori Ward. She is facing a felony charge of tampering with a consumer product without regard for death of bodily injury. 

In the video, her daughter can be seen grabbing a wooden tongue depressor, licking it and then putting it back in a jar.

Ward said she told the staff what happened immediately following the incident and did not intend to put anyone in danger.

"I had just been waiting a long time. I was just being silly with my kids," Ward told WJXT-TV. "It's ruined my life right now. That's how I feel at least."

The medical center released a statement calling this an isolated incident and said all materials were removed from that exam room, which was also sanitized.

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(39) comments


The attorney thinks the charges are too harsh? I don't. What if a newborn or child with a fragile immune system was exposed to that kid's germs? And all mom did was record it. I swear stupidity should be painful.


got her daughter licking things already eh


Mother needs to do some time an grow up. Kid is a potential for being white trash like the mom. Who allows their kid to lick everything?/


She's "takin' the fall for that". Just stood there and watched.


It always amazes me how people think that once a person spawns a child that they become magically imbued with a sense of responsibility, maturity and complete parenting skills. If a person is an idiot, giving birth isn't going to change that. Support government funded incentives for sterilization and abortion. Let's pay people to NOT have children instead of paying them to have children.


This "mom" was trying to spread, white trash syndrome. People go to the doctors because they're sick, not too get sick. F-ucking retar-d


Book em Danno! Hopefully at least 20 years of hard time. These retards are messing with peoples health! IDIOT!


The girl who licked the depressor didn’t know they guy in the room before her had it up his wazoo.




I guess she got her last licks in. [beam]


"Don't tell me how to live my life." Well hun, that didn't work out so well for you did it. I think you'll come to appreciate the mindless simplicity of a correctional officer telling you when to sleep, eat, clean the toilets, shower, lick their boots, and wait in line at the phone. Life on the outside, it's tough. Just focus on that.


HaHaHaHaHaHa, White!


Lol, she got the idea from those 2 darkies who like to lick ice cream.




I know! First the whities stole their culture now they're trying to steal their shenanigans! Pathetic!


OMG, she is one piece of UGLY arm candy


I agree and it looks like she has herpes.


An example of a parent trying to be a "friend" instead of a parent. Fail.


What an idiotic mother. Pure trash.


Poster Millennial. Stupid is as stupid does. Does something completely ridiculous and expects no consequence. Any loser that uses SnapChat, Selfies, Facebook etc. is a complete waste and should be excused from civilization. See what losers we created.


Throw the fat b..tch in the slammer and throw the key away

TRUMP supporter

What is wrong with people these days? What a moron. Must be a dumbocrat.


She's definitely a trumphumper since she has no regard for the health or safety of anyone else.




I can tell she is remorseful just by the look of her booking photo.


That look isn't remorse, its "oh please, I was just being funny to get likes". What a pig

Comment deleted.

I was being sarcastic. She doesn't look sorry at all.


the girl with the ice cream in the supermarket was poor judgement and silly. this woman however is supposed to be a parent. encouraging this type of narcissistic behavior even if she notified everyone after that it was meant as a joke is very DISTURBING. lots and lots of community service.


No the icecream girl was a filthy pig.


Yup! Just like Ariana Grande!


White trash hillbillies, huh?


And the 2 darkies who licked the ice cream last week....? Black trash ghetto rats?


Maybe gheto rats definitely black trash. I want to see these idiots doing these challenges, lick a fat Plumbers, "Plumbers Crack."


Your relatives no doubt, Cletus.


Yes they need harsh sentences for these disgusting crimes


Maybe the threat of 30 years in prison is a little harsh. Take the kids away, give her 2 years in jail and lifetime probation.


I hope her lack of common sense was not passed down to her kid. All these morons know what they’re doing is wrong and only do this for likes and IG notoriety, but when it comes back to bite them they plead ignorance


i don't know if it got passed down, but she sure is trying to do her best to teach them.


her lack of common sense (that's a nice way of putting it) HAS been passed down to her kid, and she recorded it for all to see!

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