Jorge Luis Mendez-Sanchez, 35

BILLINGS, Mont. (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man is getting nearly five years in federal prison after prosecutors say he brought 34 pounds of methamphetamine to Montana from Arizona.

The Associated Press reports that Jorge Luis Mendez-Sanchez, 35, was sentenced to 57 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Susan Watters during a court appearance in Billings, Mont.

According to prosecutors, Mendez-Sanchez and co-defendant Aldo Pardini drove with the drugs from Arizona to Billings to sell them to a customer.

Back in January, Mendez-Sanchez pleaded guilty to possession of meth with the intent to distribute.

Under a plea deal, a conspiracy charge against Mendez-Sanchez was dropped. Once his sentencing concludes, he will be released to immigration officials for possible deportation procedures.

Pardini and Jose Jesus Islava-Lopez, the third defendant, plead guilty to the related charges and wait for sentencing.


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(18) comments


Support White owned restaurants and other White owned businesses.

Tentacles of Poison

Never discriminate share the poison


That guy looks just like many I saw at Walmart yesterday.


Five years, yeah, he gave up some names. He'll probably be filleted when he gets out by a cartel worker.

TRUMP supporter

5 years at club fed, that will be a nice vacation for him. How about a bullet in the back of his head?


Better to let him serve his time in a Mexican prison.


BUILD THE WALL. Of course the media would not admit not only he is Mexican (probably caught in their collective craws when they had to admit that fact) but that he is also illegal.


He looks like Cheech and Chong breeded togeather[unsure]


Looks more like Lou Ferrigno (incredible hulk from the late 70s)


Execute the 🌮


This f-ckin loser should be shot for trying to poison people. Not because he’s from Mexico, because he’s an a-ss hole pedaling in poison


Another non-White person (a Mexican in this case) targeting White people with poison. Charge him with a hate crime and sentence him to death. I wonder what would happen if White people targeted Mexico with drug/poison distribution, addiction, and destruction like they do to us.


How was he specifically "targeting" white people? Are you saying that only white people use meth?


that is his target


You ever been around them noose, heard them talk about their methods and strategies? Don't answer, I already know your answer. You only know the filtered version of 'reality' that you get from the news; you live by and make your decisions based on that information.


Daddy Dummy drug pushing ^ss- holes don’t target white people they target anyone stupid enough to fall into their h3ll hole addiction trap It’s about the money not race. Try pulling your head out of your ^ss you “might” be able to see that it’s not all about race. That poison has destroyed people in all races


Ask the Mexican families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, as the vast majority of guns used in the commission of crimes in Mexico were sold by, and imported from, the United States. We arm the drug cartels and create the demand for the drugs, and all you people care about is whether the people bringing the drugs back have proper documentation to do so. But “ it picture” analysis is hard and doesn’t give you a target who looks and sounds different from you to blame it all upon. If you “support” the 2nd Amendment and the NRA and the “Wall” then you’re clearly not comprehending the situation.


"We arm the drug cartels and create the demand for the drugs". Nope, not me. I'm for a real war on drugs (not this mamby pamby garbage the US has). I don't use meth so how am I arming the cartels?

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