ANNE ARUNDEL, Md. (WJLA/CNN) -- A Maryland man spent nearly three months in jail after police arrested him at an airport, accusing him of smuggling liquid meth. The "drugs" turned out to be honey.  

Leon Haughton said he bought three bottles of honey from a roadside stand while visiting relatives in Jamaica last Christmas. When he tried to bring the honey into the U.S., things got a little sticky. 

Haughton said K-9 officers began sniffing him at a security checkpoint in Baltimore's international airport. Then, Customs and Border Protection agents detained him and seized his three bottles of honey.

CBP said police arrested Haughton on felony drug charges after the honey tested positive in a field test for methamphetamine. 

“They said I was charged with methamphetamine, and I said, 'What is meth?'" Haughton recalled.

He was jailed for 82 days at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

“My kids were stressed out, my mom, everybody," said Haughton. 

A second test in a Georgia lab found that there were no drugs present in the honey – which meant that all charges were eventually dropped.

“A specially trained drug-sniffing dog was alerted to the presence of a controlled dangerous substance, and a preliminary test done by the police officers further tested positive for a controlled dangerous substance. The confirmatory laboratory test showed there was no controlled dangerous substance inside the honey,” said a spokesperson for the Anne Arundel State’s Attorneys Office.

The father of six says he is now living at a Days Inn, as he struggles to make ends meet.

"Once I came out, all my insurances collapsed, my credit was destroyed, I lost my job, everything," he said. "They just left me a mess. Even when they let me out, they didn’t reach out to me and say sorry."

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