Richard Adams

Richard Adams, 20, is charged with felonious assault for attacking a teen he allegedly caught molesting a child.

(Meredith) - An Ohio man was arrested for attacking a teenager who he allegedly caught raping a 5-year-old boy, police said. 

Richard Adams, 20, said he walked into the laundry room of his Eastlake home last Thursday and saw a 17-year-old sexually assaulting the child, WJW-TV reported.

“I kinda blacked out,” Adams told the station. "I wanted to help the young boy, and that's all I was thinking about... getting it stopped.”

Adams said he screamed for someone to call 911 and then began fighting the teen. He then posted a video of the bloodied teen to Facebook, which he later deleted, according to WJW.

Once officers arrived to the home, they arrested the 17-year-old who was later charged with rape, the Eastlake News-Herald reported. Adams was booked on felonious assault charges.

Adams' relationship to the teen was not immediately clear.

Following Adams' arrest, frustrated residents bombarded the Eastlake Police Department with angry phone calls and emails demanding that the assault charge be dropped.

"We truly understand the interest, passion and concerns with this type of case. It has been processed by the court and will continue to go through the system," the department wrote in response.

"To attack people within the system to achieve a certain outcome is not what justice is about. We appreciate the impact that this story has had on the community and beyond but we expect people to be civil in expressing their disagreement and/or support of what has and will take place."

Adams posted bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 2, according to the Willoughby Municipal Court.

The 17-year-old's identity has not been released.

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(9) comments


Arrest him? No, what they should have done was nominate him for citizen of the year.


Good job Blevins. The look on yowface says, this is BS , or , I have seen pure evil, confronted it, whipped its butt, and got punished for my honorable actions..... Well there are plenty more evil men and women, so get busy. Yeah this was a carnal evil, but how about the evil that is not so blatant, taking retirement funds (corporate theft), people who claim to be the chosen tribe of god, who want American tax dollars to pay for their weapons defense systems, and their military commits war crimes that our media rarely shows because of the incentives to not show babies being killed- through starvation or bombings. Get busy.


This is why no one does good anymore. Your better off minding your own business. Poor guy had to post bail, most likely lost days at work, will lose days at work and money for lawyer. When all he was trying to do was be a good human being! SMH

Big Rich

Exactly!....No good deed goes unpunished.....Head down....No eye contact......I see NOTHING!


No reason for a sad face bro - this man should be considered a hero. He didn't kill the guy, like that guy at the gas station, where the daughters said the man 'allegedly' assaulted them and ended up murdered way later on. This guy walked in on it and tried to stop it the best way he could - by beating the child rapist. Sure, I understand the system doesn't want people to attack others who are straight up guilty red handed to achieve a certain outcome - and than claim that it is not justice or how to get it. Well it is justice, avenged justice. Ive seen plenty of people get away with being guilty without any justice because the way the 'system' works. Good job son


So the cops arrest a hero? Wow. Betcha the kid he caught raping the baby was black.


You're an ignorant racist. I hope your eyes catch on fire.


Not a racist, just stating facts


"Maybe" , isn't a fact, it's opposite of fact. If he is an African American, buy a Powerball ticket, because betting on belief is a conviction akin to the old - "she's a witch, burn her" ,,, "well , are you sure she's a witch?,what evidence have you to make this case? ",, She cured a cripple person by speaking words "salamu - bim sawahubim" BAM, cured. Claims are for comment sections, facts are for thorough investigation through years and months ,, knee jerk war for profit (corporate welfare) for decades is something the media can help spread some facts mixed in with opinion for another day...

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