(KRON/CNN/Meredith) -- Looters stole more than 70 brand new vehicles from a car dealership in California Sunday night, a total value worth nearly $2.7 million.

Carlos Hidalgo, the owner of the San Leandro Dodge Dealership, said the looters spent about five hours inside the dealership before making off with the more than 70 vehicles. He said they broke into the building and found the key safe.

Hidalgo said they took off with everything from trucks, Jeeps, Chargers and the expensive Dodge Challenger Hellcats.

“It was a war zone,” Hidalgo said. “They came in, finally got in here and they had tear gas, and there were cars crashed everywhere. It was bad, and 70 plus cars are missing.”

Hidalgo said the looters used the cars to exit the parking lot by ramming through the vehicles that block access to the driveway.

“Everybody wants justice, and let’s find the real justice, but this is not justice,” Hidalgo said.

Crews replaced the broken windows and glass with plywood in preparation for further riots.

So far, the dealership has recovered about 20 of the 70 stolen vehicles. To prevent this from happening again, they’ve hired new armed security to watch the dealership at night.

Cities nationwide have been rocked by riots and looting for days following the officer-involved death of unarmed black man George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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