Jeremy Tuck

(Meredith) -- A Georgia pastor spent hours waiting for his wife to wrap up her shopping trip at Target, and then he got creative. 

Jeremy Tuck stood in the parking lot of the Atlanta-area Target while holding a sign that read: "NOT HOMELESS. WIFE IN TARGET 2+ HOURS. PLEASE HELP!"

He then posted the hilarious sign to Facebook on Saturday, where it's been shared more than 100,000 times. 

"I will not be silent!" Tuck wrote in the caption. 

The post hit close to home for a lot of people in the comment section.

"I can relate, my wife be in Target and claims to lose track of time," one user wrote. 

Another person commented: "This is a trip... my husband looks like this when I'm in Hobby Lobby."

Tuck's wife also got a good laugh out of the situation. She posted the following message to her Facebook page in response to the viral photo:

"I wish I could get a $1 for how many times my husband’s ‘funny’ Target picture has been shared. He’s gone viral all for making fun of me ‘budget’  shopping at Target 😂 I think I deserve something for all my troubles!"

Tuck is the senior pastor at Living Faith Tabernacle in the Atlanta suburb of Forest Park, according to his Facebook page.

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