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(Meredith) -- Many iPhone and Android users may have noticed a new coronavirus tracking feature that appeared on their phones Friday.

Apple and Google teamed up in response to the global pandemic to develop new contact tracing tools for the purpose of fighting the spread of COVID-19 in addition to alerting anyone who may have been in contact with someone infected.

This plan was announced by the tech companies in April and was set to roll out with the iOS 13.5 update released in late May.

The contact tracing feature is called “COVID-19 Exposure Logging." This feature is automatically turned off when rolled out with the update.

If you want to turn the feature on, you’ll need to go to your iPhone’s settings, then to the “privacy” settings. Once here, go to the “health” settings where you will find the option to turn on “COVID-19 Exposure Logging.”

You can’t turn on Exposure Logging, however, unless you’ve downloaded an authorized app that can send exposure notifications. This app will most likely be released from state, local or federal health authorities.

For more information on this contact tracing feature, you can visit Apple’s FAQ.

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