Good Samaritans save single mother’s home with life-changing repairs

A volunteer works on a home belonging to Jane Cunningham of Sudbury, MA. Good Samaritans repaired the home when Cunningham couldn't afford to do so.

SUDBURY, Massachusetts (WBZ) -- Good Samaritans stepped up to save a single mother’s home in desperate need of repairs.

Jane Cunningham’s Sudbury house was pretty in rough shape.

“The entire roof was shot,” she told WBZ-TV. There was also mold and a big problem with the family room.

“We basically had to board that off and couldn’t use it because a piece of the ceiling had fallen down and in with that came a giant squirrels’ nest, nuts and all.”

It caught the attention of Sudbury resident Dave Fenton, who also happens to be the Chief Operating Officer of Suffolk Construction Boston.

“It kind of just moved me. So I dug into it a little more and figured out that we should be helping,” he told WBZ. “I knew we had to jump in and help right away.”

Using business contacts and trade partners, he found roofers but that’s not all.

“I knew there was more to do so I reached out to some other folks and some interior people, some demolition folks that we work with so we got inside and took care of the mold issue, took care of the drywall, a little bit of the electrical work and kind of got the place secured up for the winter time,” Fenton said.

“Everything they did was life-changing,” Cunningham said.

Now that room filled with mold and squirrels was transformed with a new roof, walls and insulation – everything to make it livable and safe. And everything to give this struggling mom some new found hope where she never expected it.

“I’m just blown away by the kindness and it really just changes our whole outlook on life and it changes the trajectory of our life as well,” she said.

All the work was donated and they’re not done yet. Fenton said they plan to return in the spring and fix the landscaping and paint the exterior.

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