Low Section Of Man Relaxing On Bed

BRADENTON, Fla. (WTSP/Meredith) — A Florida man was caught sucking on another man’s toes while the victim was asleep, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Tampa Bay’s 10 News (WTSP) reported that the man was sleeping in his bed when he was woken up by the intruder sucking on his toes.

 The man thought he was being robbed and told the intruder he didn’t have any money, according to 10 News.

In an uncomfortable twist in events, the intruder told the man he was there to suck on his toes, according an investigation write up.

The reports say the man punched the accused toe sucker and forced him outside where they began to fight. According to investigators, the intruder told the other man he had a gun and tried to fondle him.

The victim managed to get inside the house and call 911. 10 News stated the intruder then broke out the front window of the home and stomped on the other man’s car windshield until it broke.

Investigators said the toe-sucking man took off. Police tried to track him with a K-9 but were unable to find him.

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