Alexandra Eslinger

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A drunken driver who killed a 35-year-old motorcycle rider will serve two days in jail, five days of house arrest and a year of probation.

Alexandra Eslinger pleaded guilty in January to vehicular homicide and driving under the influence, both misdemeanors, in the July 2017 death of Jesus Navarro-Gonzalez.

She was sentenced last week. She was also ordered to complete drug and alcohol treatment.

The Wichita Eagle reports police said Eslinger turned into a parking lot and caused a crash that killed Navarro-Gonzalez.

Court records say Eslinger had a blood-alcohol level of .102, above the legal limit of .08 at the time of the crash.

The probation carries an underlying sentence of a year of jail time if she violates probation.

Court records indicate Eslinger had a previous DUI conviction.

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(20) comments


That is pitiful, a person loses their life because of a drunk, not the first time either, an gets 2 days. This right here tells you there is no justice anymore, non what so ever. The whole justice system is all about money. Not right or wrong but money. You got enough money you can get out of anything. It's a proven fact over an over. A drunk should not be allowed to walk the streets after they kill someone What a joke our Justice system is. No wonder the world is going down hill so fast.


I had no idea there was a 'Misdemeanor Homicide' and an over the limit misdemeanor DUI - DON'T DRINK N DRIVE - You see the signs. the billboards, the PSA's , pleas from the Government department of transportation safety board, School. 2 days. . Sorry Dave, you spent 9 years in prison for clipping the curb on a round about with your beautiful wife on back, she died in crash and you go down for it. 9 years!


Vehicular Homicide carries 7-21 years. She likely got a light sentence because she plead herself as a substance abuser, hence her going to rehab after her two day jail stay. That’s how she skirted the 7-21 years.


The judge should have to serve those 7-21 years for letting her off with NOTHING. She would be forced to get clean in that 7-21 years as it is she will be back on the road again aiming to kill someone else.


What charges was she actually found guilty on? I’ll have to go back and cite that guilty finding. She is being sentenced within the guidelines of the charges for which she was found guilty of. Once I look up those charges I’ll let you know the sentencing guidelines.


Wow, her defense lawyer pulled a rabbit out of a hat. That's an amazing plea deal, that should have numbered in years!


Shame on this judge. She is guilty of manslaughter and she gets 2 days. Shame, Shame, Shame!


Why is everybody up in the judges butt? A judges job is to interpret the law.

You may want to push that negative energy towards the law makers who write the laws.

I agree she should have been in jail for a very long time.

Condolences to the family.


Actually, charges like this have sentencing ranges. The judge has the ability to choose a sentence , from the low or end of the range. He obviously chose the low end in this case. Im sure the maximum would have been 2 years, or close to it.


then why was she not sentenced to the maximum? The judge must be friends with her or a drunk driver herself.


Are you EFFEN kidding me??? I'm surprised that the brain-dead judge didn't help set up a GoFundfMe account to help with her bills and make a donation. Our government - local, state, federal - is an embarrassment.




Go- fix the government then.


I do - I VOTE.


This is why drunks continue to cause carnage to our roads. Murdering someone while drunk should carry a 20 year sentence. Had she shot him instead she would never be free again, but that is because of all the anti gun nuts.





Jim B

The legal system is so screwed up...2nd dui and 2 days in jail, that's it? The judge should have his in the slammer with that fat pig


" and not be punished for it"


Disgusting fat pig needs to be put out of her/OUR misery. Its terrible how people can make the choice to commit a crime, and be punished for it.

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