(CNN) -- An armored truck's door sprang open on Interstate 285 on the north side of Atlanta on Tuesday night, spilling cash across the highway.

While the truck was making it rain, drivers pulled over to join in a literal cash grab.

[VIDEO: Drivers stop to pick up spilled cash on interstate]

The armored truck company estimated the unintended gift at $175,000, according to the Dunwoody Police Department.

Those driving past got out their phones and shot video of cars and trucks pulling over, with people jumping out to try to scoop up bills blowing in the wind.

About 8 p.m., police responded to 911 calls that more than 15 vehicles had stopped on the busy interstate to pick up money that had fallen off an armored vehicle.

"The armored car crew said the side door came open while they were driving and money spilled out onto 285," Dunwoody Police said in a statement. "Officers and the truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken."

It's a crime to hold on to cash from the truck

The exuberant videos that people posted as the cash danced in the air are now doubling as evidence. Police are checking social media video to find the drivers with sticky fingers.

"We have plenty of social media video, some of which seems to have tag numbers, to follow up on, but we really want people to come in, turn in the money and go on about their life without worrying about when the police are coming to find them," said Sgt. Robert Parsons, a spokesman for the Dunwoody Police Department.

He noted that one man turned in $2,100, and another handed over $500 that he picked up on the highway.

"If the money is turned in, we will not criminally charge those who do the right thing," Parsons said.

For those who picked up cash and kept it for themselves, charges could include theft of lost or mislaid property and could be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the amount.

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(31) comments


Perhaps some of the thieves could consider it reparations.


Absolutely, if it was under their work shoes, they'd never of seen it. Hope when they get caught, they make preparations to repay the reparations.


That money is federally insured by our tax dollars. You know... we bailed them out with our money at 0% rate and they turned around and lend it back to us at ever raising rates??!!... Keep the money you lucky S.O. bees!!


How is it federally insured? Private armored carrier, money unknown origination, not in a bank. I would imagine the armored car/truck company would have private insurance to cover losses.

Tony G

Another episode of Marley Knows It All. Imagine doesn't cut it, moron. Come with facts or get out of Dodge. Sheeesh!


Not seeing any other facts proving it's federally insured, numbnuts. That's why they are bonded and insured, totally liable for it while in their possession. Try to apply some common sense in your life. Gee, officer, I went on vacation and left the garage door open, why oh why did I get robbed, not fair! Mommy, not fair!


Google is your friend, although I'm quite sure you left your laptop on the front seat of your car and it was stolen. Who do you think is responsible for securing the cash from the time of pick up and delivery, PayDay loans, Smith and Wesson, the driver's auto policy? No different if you hire a tradesman and they damage your home/property bonded and insured. I would think a grown a ss man would have SOME inkling of how things work. Guess not.

Tony G

Look, idiot, look it up under F.D.I.C. All money consumers put into the bank is federally insured. And your premise that the money is of unknown origin just goes to show us how utterly ignorant you really are. Pack up and move to another country because you are a waste of time here. https://www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/ in case you want to educate yourself instead of spewing nonsensical manure!


You're an imbecile, period. FDIC does not cover theft. You are assuming the money belonged to a bank, yet you show no facts. Very easily could be from retail, casinos are anywhere else. Of course the Transport company would be 100% insured and liable while in their possession. FDIC insures accounts up to $250,000 per account holder and all banks aren't necessarily FDIC members. FDIC primarily covers loss in case bank goes insolvent, NOT FRAUD, THEFT or ROBBERY.

Tony G

Marley, I worked in security. I do know how it works. You are wrong. But that's okay, I know how much you hate to be proven wrong. In your own words, "sux to be you".


Working security at Chuck e Cheese doesn't count, sorry

Tony G

Doesn't matter what you say at this point, Marley. I could care less. But my resume does include Pinkerton's, Tatt Security and J.P. Morgan, Chase. You don't have to take my word for it nor ware you likely to. But sadly, as far as I am concerned, you lose. I have nothing more to add to your sickening rant.


Try to educate yourself before attacking others. MONEY FROM THEFT and BANK ROBBERIES IS EATEN BY THE BANKS, some banks have private coverage for these occurrences but generally loss from theft/robbery is minimal. ARMORED TRANSPORT COMPANIES carry their own liability insurance for this exact reason, the bank didn't lose it as it wasn't in their possession. In ANY case practically known to mankind, you are liable for using 'reasonable care' of any item given to you. YOU lose, I win. Empty victory since it's comparable to shooting fish in a barrel.


yea, here officer, I picked up "$300.00" off the highway. I guess I'm off the hook. (As I walk away with my $2300.00 they don't know about.) Funny how thy're threatening people that they have 'evidence' from grainy, shaky-azz cell phone videos of 'tag numbers.' Nice ploy dichwads.


Funny thing nowadays is everything is being recorded and instantly on social media. All they need to do is run plates. Naturally some will get away with it, but it's still stealing.


Well said.


Are you all serious? No jury ion the world would convict.


Would never make it to a trial or jury. If you are identified, you'll more than likely be charged/cited for theft. Stealing is stealing.


The only thing that would have made this a better story was if a few of those greedy mopes had been nailed by a passing car. Now THAT would be hilarious.


What dumxßs wld leave door open., and person in back also. Sounds crackhead to me. Armored personell she see charges, trying to invcite a riotous situation, let's see what the badged crooks do. [sleeping]


Idiots causing a traffic jam to be thieves.


"For those who picked up cash and kept it for themselves, charges could include theft of lost or mislaid property and could be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the amount." Oh gosh, I found 20 bucks at Hoover Dam on the Colorado. Sounds like I'm going to jail for that one too, Mr. Policeman. It was certainly mislaid. Come get me. I'm guilty as it gets.

Tony G

I would explain it to you, but you seem too stupid to get it anyway.


You're a callous a s shole that can only attack others since you have no mind or intelligent thought of your own. Sux to be you, loser.

Tony G

Why thank you, Marley! And all this time I thought you didn't like me! I am so happy![beam]


Pretty sure it's OK if you happen upon a single bill or two. Illegal to scoop up mass spillages, always has been, always will be. No free lunches, sorry!


Depends whether you were in AZ or NV


Not true, if you find money and know who the owner is, you may not keep it. If you find money (over a certain amount, based on jurisdiction) you must turn it in for a certain period of time.

Tony G

I wouldn't keep it. Not worth jail time or even risking my life to stop and pick it up.


You wouldn't last an hour in lock up, your cellmate would take you out in minutes.


Ghetto lottery, where's some hit and runs we you need some?

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