Border wall construction San Diego

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Construction has begun on the fifth border wall project of Donald Trump's presidency, replacing up to 14 miles of barrier in San Diego.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Tuesday that the first panels are in place to replace a steel-mesh fence with steel bollards up to 30 feet high. SLSCO Ltd. of Galveston, Texas, was awarded the $101 million contract in December.

It is the second layer of barrier in San Diego. Work on replacing the first layer is nearly complete, which is also 14 miles long and made of steel bollards up to 30 feet high.

Construction began three days after Trump declared a national emergency to build his proposed border wall with Mexico. Lawsuits have been filed over the emergency declaration.

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Side note: 31 foot ladder being built in Tijuana.


31 feet is actually really high. Doubt you have ever been on a ladder that tall. Getting down on the other side would also be quite a feat. Not impossible, but would take a major effort and require travel with some serious equipment.


If this story is true, and the wall is actually being built - I say its about time! Thank you, President Trump.


How long are they going to ignore AZ's NON-wall?


LEGAL immigrants are ALWAYS WELCOME here - ILLEGALS not so much. A wall has NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER on LEGAL migration. Be a PATRIOT - PROTECT your country - SUPPORT the wall. This is not complicated folks...


Why is the picture of the prototypes? Where is the "new wall?" The story also says this is replacing the existing wall with fence.

Trump just passed UNLIMITED AMNESTY with the last bill. H.J.Res. 31, Sec. 224(a) says this Act or any other Act can not be used to deport anyone who may sponsor an illegal immigrant child. Even if President Trump builds a wall, from sea to shining sea, it will not matter because of the AMNESTY he just passed.


How are they gonna show a picture of something that's not done yet? Maybe it's best if you don't look at the pictures if they confuse you like that.


This is not a new wall but it is replacing an older wall. [beam]


This is not a new wall but it is replacing and older wall.


@drl16 Huh, check your facts. The Wall is being built starting in Pelosi, Harris, Waters and Swalwell's backyard. Booyah!

Big Texas Mike

Big Texas Mike



You nimrods will believe anything. Those are the wall prototypes. Each one is different. Here's a better picture.


The wall hasn't been built yet. Read the story, look at the picture, then think about how the picture might relate to the story. If you're unable to do that, I advise you to not look at the picture, as it will confuse you. I want to know how they will show a picture of something that clearly states "will get underway". You nimrod.


And what about Arizona.... we all need it more than CA which welcomes them. In fact, since they are already in CA - why not just wall off Southern CA (including LA) from the rest of the USA? Let them have their own little barrio.

Johnn Galt

Thank you President TRUMP! MAGA! My big question is- WHY california? They WANT illegals. Why not start in TX and work our way west?


Becuase John, as the wall works its way from Texas the illegals will simply funnel their way to Mexifornia and invade from the west instead south. After all Mexifornia forced ICE to release an illegal (kicked out 3 times) and he tried to shoot a CHP officer. At least he won't bother us again.


Why has not reported on the ILLEGAL in mexifornia who was killed when he shot at a CHP. He had been kicked out of the country three THREE times and was in jail but the idiot mexifornia released him over ICE objections. Thank God the LEO was not harmed. THIS IS WHY THE WALL IS BEING BUILT YOU LEFT HANDED SOCIALISTS.


Fools build walls. The wise build bridges.


Socialists build walls to keep people in. Fools build bridges to help them in.

Johnn Galt

That's so easy to say, and it feels so good to be so WISE, sitting inside your LOCKED house.


So cliche and inaccurate. Countries exist because of their borders. Order is maintained, economies are protected and law is maintained. Without borders, we are nothing.

Scott Cummins

There it is baby!! Steam roll the libs, Protect the greatest nation on earth..Trump RULES

JF Conlon

trump rules over a ship of fools

Bob Neri

I would would suggest building our prisons on the boarders. If the illegals cross into the US; they find themselves where they need to be; in prison. On the other hand, if the prisoners try to escape over the southern wall of the prison, then God Bless then.


I love this and Hope this wall lasts for years to come TY construction people.


[sneaky] if trump completes the wall and arrests killery he will win 2020 and fires more of the obama left behinds and invest large in military technologies? we need new systems to defend from red china and false attacks! cut out the dead wood invest in new young talent! we can do better .


An old saying states, Good walls make good neighbors." This wall is a good first step in that direction. However, there is a MUCH better long term solution, which would cost MUCH less, and be MUCH more effective.
We need a National E-Verify Law, which requires that EVERY applicant for any company job, or for ANY form of tax-payer provided benefit, be cleared through the existing E-Verify program. The other requirement is that any person or company who knowingly hires or provides benefits WITHOUT clearing that person through E-Verify must face severe punishment, including the loss of their business license and jail time.
With no jobs or 'freebies', the vast majority of illegal aliens will simply pack up and self-deport. No massive, expensive or dangerous roundups needed.
Illegal aliens make up 6-8% of US population (22-30 million - according to the recent MIT/Yale study). Yet illegal aliens make up 28-30% of the Federal Prison population. They commit serious crimes 4-5 times that of US citizens. LEGAL immigrants, on the other hand - are much more law abiding than even US citizens, committing crimes at about 1/3 the rate that US citizens do.
The two couple who are my best friends, immigrated from Romania and India, but they did it legally. They are wonderful US citizens now, are hard working and fully integrated into our society and culture. They are VERY upset with the illegals, who stroll across the border, hold out their hands and say, "Gimme, gimme, gimme." They are even more upset with the brain-dead "do-gooders" who assist them to skirt our existing laws.
Please Mr. President, the wall helps, but use your influence to get a National E-Verify Law passed and enforced.


You're exactly right. Raids on US businesses need to be conducted to inspect each employee against E-Verify records. A No-Go on E-Verify would mean the HR dept. and management at the highest levels pay heavy fines or even jail time. That means legitimate employees would need SOLID identification and Green Cards in order to legally work. Visa overstays mean deportation with no chance of legal status in the future. Naturally, you need a WALL too. These steps would ensure a >85% compliance after a number of years.


Or just do it the Mexican way - 2-10 years in prison


Being jobless and/or homeless in America is better than being jobless and/or homeless in Mexico. Build the Wall!


Thank you President Trump!

Trump-Pence 2020!


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