(KLKN/CNN/Meredith) -- It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a – tree?

Yes – it’s a 7-foot-tall superman carved into a tree in Nebraska.

A lifelong Superman fan, homeowner Jason Thompson wanted to turn the dying tree in his yard into a Superman sculpture. But since Thompson isn’t an artist himself, he reached out to find someone to bring his vision to life.

He was turned down by many people who believed the task seemed too difficult.

But David Huismann, an architecture student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was up for the challenge.

Huismann told KLKN the tree sculpture was his first time ever making a human figure, so the hardest part was getting the proportions right.

In all, it took Huismann about a year to complete the Superman tree sculpture.

And it looks awesome!

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