(Meredith) – A former employee at a daycare north of Cincinnati is charged with assaulting a preschool-age girl after the incident was caught on camera.

A second teacher, who was also fired following the incident, is charged with child endangerment after the video revealed that she witnessed the assault and just walked away.

Video showed James Ciolino singing a "good morning" song with preschoolers in his class back in June when a four-year-old girl left the room with another class. Jennifer Miller, the teacher of the other class, is shown bringing the girl back to Ciolino’s room – and then he pushes the child to the ground. The child then starts crying. Miller watches it all happen and proceeds to shut the door and leave.

Lisa McMillion, the director of Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center where the incident took place, said the video itself has “all the truth it needs in it.”

“So as soon as you see that, you know immediately what has to be done,” McMillion told WKRC. Both teachers were fired and the incident was reported to police.

Ciolino is charged with assault and child endangerment. Miller is charged with child endangerment.

Both defendants are pleading not guilty and are set to go on trial Dec. 3.

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