HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN/Meredith) -- Shocking surveillance video shows a child breaking into a smoke shop on Houston’s North Side.

All while an adult appears to be directing the young boy on what he should steal.

It can be surprising to see a child caught on video burglarizing a smoke shop, and who appears to be directed by an adult outside.

“It could have been real nasty,” said Shy B, the store owner. “They risk their freedom and life for two backpacks and a couple of cigarillos.”

Shy showed KTRK the damage the two left behind. The outside of the store has mostly been fixed, but it’s still apparent what took place here.

In the video, the boy can be seen walking into the store barefoot over the broken glass.

Shy said this cowardly adult needs to be caught, because he is risking the life of a child to do his dirty work instead of doing it himself.

“You’re trash. Really trash, man,” Shy said. “How can you put a child in danger like that?”

Houston police are investigating the crime.

Shy said he hopes the adult is caught before any more kids are put in danger.

The child took about 300 dollars worth of products from the smoke shop. The store’s owner said the real crime is the damage being done to the young child.

Houston police are investigating, but they say tips from the public could help solve the crime.

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