CHESTERFIELD, Mo. ( - Andy Lipka loves classic cars. One of his latest obsessions is his 1965 Ford F250 pickup truck.

It still runs well and in Lipka’s opinion, it’s pretty close to perfect.

As he explained, “It reminds me of the truck I grew up in with my dad.”

Not only does Lipka love the way it drives, he likes the paint job. As he describes, “It's not damaged, it's the way the finish has evolved over the years.”

His homeowners association (HOA) hates it. So much so, they are suing him. The bylaws of the HOA in his Chesterfield neighborhood state vehicles with moderately severe body damage can't be parked in the driveway. But Lipka says his classic truck does not have body damage.

Lipka told News 4, “Its original Ford paint from 1965, it’s sought after now.”

In the car world, it's known as a patina finish and car experts say it’s a rising trend.

Noah Alexander owns a classic car studio in St. Louis and is also the face of a nationwide show shot from his shop called ‘Speed is the New Black.’ Alexander says some clients specifically request the patina finish.

He says, “I think it's very popular now and becoming more popular.”

But in Lipka's case, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the Woodfield Homes Association in Chesterfield.

He parks his truck in his driveway because his garage houses two other vehicles. He's been assessed nearly $3,000 in penalties and fines, and is facing a very serious threat.

Lipka says the lawsuit, “Also implicates my house. They want to foreclose on my house.”

If the fines aren't paid, the HOA will seek foreclosure. Lipka has filed a countersuit.

He understands the benefits of an HOA and rules that prohibit parking cars with flat tires or ones that are inoperable outside, but he feels this has gone too far.

Missouri State Representative Bryan Spencer represents rapidly growing Wentzville where new neighborhoods and new HOAs are sprouting up. Spencer says he goes to “60 to 80 HOA meetings a year, they are my number one district concern.”

He says he's tried to introduce legislation that would curb HOA power in Missouri but the plan fell apart in Jefferson City.

“I've worked on legislation, a Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, which has gone nowhere because of lobbyist efforts. (It would) let you make decisions about your property that you bought, give property rights to the owners,” said Spencer.

News 4 reached out to the president of Lipka's HOA but did not hear back. But an attorney for the HOA stated, "The association is asking the court to enforce its covenants, which Lipka agreed to follow and was aware of prior to purchasing his home."

Lipka says he's not aware of any covenant that prevents the truck from being parked on his property.

The attorney goes on to say, "Mr. Lipka is not being singled-out, and the association and neighbors made numerous attempts to reach a resolution."

Lipka, a combat veteran, says this is a battle unlike any he's fought before.

“They say combat creates clarity, this is different there is no clarity here,” he said.

If a judge decides in Lipka's favor, the fines and associated threat of foreclosure will go away.

According to the Community Association Institute, in Missouri there are more than 1,090,000 people living under the rules and regulations of a HOA.

In Illinois, there are 3,750,000 people living in neighborhoods governed by an HOA.

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(26) comments


What does being a combat veteran have to do with the issue? I still don't remember my father or grand-father using their combat service as a crutch... As far as his HOA, they sound like nit picking little nimby's. There is nothing wrong with the truck, it is as bad as the little old ladies in my HOA that constantly called me about 1 weed that I specifically ignore just to get their panties in a bunch. I trim the thing so it sticks about one inch out of the ground.


In order to protect their first lien Priority, the banks will most likely pay off the HOA once the complaint gets filed and then capitalize it into the mortgage loan.


That's not a paint job. That's a mess. Paint it or park it in the garage. And why does the article have to point out he's a veteran? Does that make him above the rules?

AZ Native

arizonaladyresident - Did you read the article? That is the original paint job and how is has evolved over the years - 54 of them. It looks fabulous and I gander to say if you are 54 years old you don't look as good.


Just like it say's body damage, none i can see, so he's within his rights, just because the neighbors don't agree, to bad don't look, he's not there to please the whole community, so back off, worry about your own stuff.


HOAs are not for everyone. If you like old cars and parking them in your driveway, an HOA is NOT for you.

Rico Rush

Best decision I ever made is buying a house with no HOA




As we know, there are too many die hard (and chronically boring) Camry and Accord owners in this world, who don't appreciate real American cars. I'm guessing the HOA members are a classic group of milk-toast, zero testosterone, lame-car driving, American sheep, otherwise this wouldn't even be an issue.


That Vintage ride will not cause ANYONE'S home value to go down. That's the point of the HOA rules, so get over it.


per the story the rules say "no severe body damage". I don't see ANY body damage on that vehicle. Bad paint job. that ain't body damage.


Well ... as the story points out ... he "IS" a combat veteran. [pirate]
How could they be so ungrateful??!? [huh]


You have to make a decision on whether you want to live in an HOA community. He could have parked one of his nicer cars on the street, and his beater in the garage. He dug in, and refused to comply, racking up fees and likely court costs for the residents of the community. There are 2 types of residents that are annoying...HOA N+zis who nitpick everything, and the ones who refuse to acknowledge there is an HOA.


Huh, you must be his next door neighbor, as you know so much about it. Thanks for informing us!


Why if he's going by the rules. Maybe he thinks the truck is nicer, for god sakes leave the man alone, read a book something.


Fake News - in the sense that it is NOT news....


This is nonsense. I wonder if Chesterfield, MO and/or St. Louis Post Dispatch has real important high level news about Phoenix, AZ HOA problems. Bet not.

JF Conlon

The headline news right here and now . . . a real estate ad! ! ?


Has this clown ever heard of parking in a GARAGE?


That was my first thought - park it inside and leave one of his (probably) newer cars in the driveway.


Sounds like someone in the HOA wants to steal his house for themselves. Typical Nazzi behavior of HOA these days.


Typically, most banks will forclose first to protect their leins and their mortgage holders. If he were to lose the court case, hus bank would forclose before the judges order finished printing.


But he should not lose. From what we can see (and I admit, we cannot see most of the truck) the body looks to be in great shape. The HOA regulation mentions body damage.


Body damage / paint job and rust = same difference. It's a junker


That is no junker arizonaladyresident. it is a classic


This is NOT a bank foreclosure. Banks only foreclose for the lack of payment. HOA nazzis thinks they are a god and can overrule every law in the world.

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