Ice Cold Beer stand

Alexis Parker was just looking for a way to get her son out of the house when this business idea hit her.

(CNN) -- Everyone loves a lemonade on a hot summer day, but 11-year old Seth had an even better idea.

He decided to set up a stand advertising "ICE COLD BEER."

This quickly caught the attention of his neighborhood in Utah. So much so, that the Brigham City Police Department received three reports about the business operation.

But when officers they arrived on the scene on Tuesday, all they found was a savvy salesman.

The young man was in fact selling ice cold (root) beer.

"Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious," Lt. Tony Ferderber told CNN.

After all, the evidence was right of them: If you look closely enough you can see a tiny "root" written above "BEER" on his sign.

Of course, mom and dad helped with the marketing campaign.

"What better way to get peoples attention?" said his mom, Alexis Parker.

Seth said he was happy when the police stopped by his stand and the officers were sure to buy a bottle from him, according to Ferderber.

Parker reports business has been doing well since the police department shared pictures of Seth on its Facebook page.

The root beer stand will stay open until the school year begins, and Seth and his mother are currently thinking up new ways to improve their business model.

In fact, they have expansion plans: They hope to bring the stand to towns near Brigham City very soon.


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(19) comments


It didn't get the cops attention, it got the attention of some bored pearl-clutcher in the neighborhood.


Gonna make a good snake oil salesman. I'd slap the kid around if he were mine. You don't user trickery to get what you want, unless you're an illegal alien.


Yep, blacks slapping their kids around. Typical.


Or a mormon that's what they all do.


Always read the fine print


Yep, who hasn't seen that scenario play out in a white neighborhood!


In black hoods they sell crack and each other


We need a refreshing drink after spending all day taking care of your kids while you're out destroying your race. You should be grateful there's a large number of white people willing to raise black kids because their daddy sure isn't.


And you complain about white racism? Your kind is where the true racism is.

Aunt Blabby

Well I think it's clever. To those who were looking for cold beer, you are dopes.


Aunt Blabby, I agree!


Not clever at all, in fact quite lame. So obvious and Mormon. Friggin Mormons are something else. Stop !

Stanley Trump

You are lame nutsplash. Don’t be jealous that an 11 year old is more creative than you are.


Stanley is clearly Mormon.


Hey nuts I am not mormon and totally agree Stanley. Of course you are exactly what your handle implies.

Show Me Data

As the caption "Alexis Parker was just looking for a way to get her son out of the house when this business idea hit her" shows, the 11 year old wasn't creative. At best he's a stooge and a shill for his mother's business.


Probably would have received more attention with a "Help Me Bury My Dead Child" sign.


Now, that is funny! LOL


Very poor marketing. Probably just moved to Utah.

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