TUCSON, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A home inspector found Korean War love letters between a Navy sailor and his wife stashed away in an attic in Mesa in November. Thanks to social media, he was able to return them to the couple's granddaughter. 

"My mother-in-law is a Realtor and so she went back in the records of the last people that were on there and your name was on there," Bob Nau, of Nau Inspections, said to Eva. 

Nau found the letters under a piece of wood in the attic, next to old baby bottles and stuffed animals. 

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Eva, who is named after her grandmother, first saw the story after Nau messaged her on Facebook asking if she was related to Roger and Eva Wright. 

"It was very surreal to hear the words of my grandmother speaking to my grandfather on the local news and hearing it from Edinburgh, Scotland and wondering how they came to be in his possession in the first place. It was quite surreal," Eva explained.

Nau and Eva exchanged messages over Facebook to plan a date the two could meet. Luckily, Eva and her family were visiting her father in Tucson for the holidays. 

Eva's mother, Florence, the daughter of Roger and Eva, died last year. 

"I was really happy to find out they were in good hands and I really can't thank you enough for taking care of these letters and for everything you did to track us down, we just really appreciate it," Eva said to Nau. 

Eva explained that Roger was at Pearl Harbor during the attack in 1941 but he hadn't met his future wife yet. Details are a little fuzzy on how the two actually met; Roger was a widower and Eva was divorced. They each brought a child into the marriage--Larry and Patricia. 

"After I finish reading them I will give them to their daughter, Pat, in Maryland and she'll pass them on to my uncle," Eva explained. 

The letters date between 1950 and 1951. Eva is writing from Pearl Harbor and Roger is on a ship. 

"Hi lover boy, we took advantage of the no school tomorrow and went to the movie again tonight," Eva wrote in one of the letters. "Since I wrote to you last, we have done exactly nothing. We stayed in the house all day today until tonight." 

In the 1970s, the Wrights moved to Mesa.  

"The home where these were found is the home that I lived in, it was the first home I ever lived in," Eva explained to Nau. "And so the baby bottles you found in the attic, those were mine, they had to have been." 

Eva says she was close with both of her grandparents, but had a special connection to Roger. 

"They were both pretty flamboyant people. I think they were very attractive in their youth. They both really loved dancing, they were always going out dancing." 

Roger died in 1981. His wife, Eva, died in 1995. 

"After he died, she pretty much stopped going out. Her life was really revolving around him." 

Eva said her family is going to try to photocopy the letters so they will last a lifetime. 


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