PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Two children have been found safe after an Amber Alert was issued Saturday afternoon. 

Police say the children were abducted by their father from a parking lot in Phoenix.  

Sgt. James Rothschild with Phoenix police said the children, ages 3 and 5, were found safe by deputies with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in a hotel room in Gila Bend at around midnight Sunday morning.

They are now being reunited with their mother.

Rothschild said it all started around 4:15 p.m., when their mother was near 27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road with the two children in her vehicle. She briefly left the vehicle and when she returned, the vehicle was gone.

Police said officers found the abandoned vehicle nearby, and determined through their investigation that the children were with their father, 36-year-old Justin Bylsma.

Police said Bylsma did not have permission to take the children.


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(14) comments


The problem is and ALWAYS will be, the Family Law judges. Piles of S***T, who discriminate and alienate the fathers in this State and in this country. In spite of what ever character or psychological flaws the mother may have, she is superior in the eyes of the court and the cowards who uphold their biased rulings.. They turn law enforcement against the fathers and strip them of their dignity, constitutional and GOD given rights. The judges operate untethered and get to play GOD with absolutely no accountability. As a matter of fact, so do these a-hole cops in Arizona! I am sorry this has happened to you and your children. You deserve better!!


From the continuing news sounds like they were, and are, in MUCH more danger with their mother who would leave time in a car by themselves. Why did she get them back? She should be in jail for abandoning them in the parking lot.

Fathers Have Rights

You cannot Kidnap your own Children Mother’s take off with kids all the time and of the Father calls police they laugh at them. The system is a Joke!


Amen! The family law system is broken cross this country. At least in a criminal trial, you get a hearing in front of your peers. Family law, the judge alone decides whether you get to be a father or a visitor in your children's lives. These Judges have TOO much discretion which they use to favor the Mother in almost all cases.

Fathers Have Rights

You cannot kidnap your own kids. Mothers take kids and disappear all the time had it happen to me called the cops, FBI, Centers for Missing and Exploited Children they all Laughed at me and said “a Child cannot be kidnapped by there own Mother” yet they can be by their father. The system is a Joke which is why that woman in wisconsin was able to take her three daughters in the woods one by one last week and shoot them.

Wayne kenoff

Don’t waste people’s time with Amber Alerts pertaining to the FATHER. U cannot kidnap your own children!! Regardless if he doesn’t have permission.


I am happy to try to be of help to the kids. Who knows why a parent loses custody? Sometimes it's because they endanger the safety or welfare of the kids. If they compound that with flagrant disregard for the law, that makes it even worse for the children.


Umm yes you can. Not sure what laws you are looking at. This story didn't elaborate on any details AT ALL,( as usual with the reporting) But if there are any legal restraints on the dad, then yes, he can be accused of kidnapping. What if they are divorced, and he has no custody? Did ya think about that? (no). The story never mentioned if they were estranged etc. So yeah, don't waste OUR time with your uninformed, misguided opinion :)


So since when did start showing the faces of child victims ???


Since there's an Amber Alert and they need to be spotted. Make sense? Child abduction victims' photos are always shown, so they can be recognized and rescued.


Curious to know how long “briefly” really was.


No charges for the mom? She get a free pass leaving young children in a car unattended in a neighborhood infamously known for drugs and drive by shootings? I bet a father would be sitting in jail if he had done that.

Snail trail

So much for Arizona being a 50/50 parent state. I understand completely the father's frustration. BTW why did this snail trail leave her car with the kids in it in the first place?
Real responsible parent. Shows her true colors


Ummm what was the fathers frustration exactly? Do you know him? because the story makes NO mention as to a motive. But you seem to know exactly why was he so frustrated?

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