PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Another Valley Uber driver was attacked Tuesday night in Phoenix.

Phoenix police say the Uber Eats driver was pistol-whipped and carjacked in the IHOP parking lot near 24th Street and Baseline Road. He was confronted by two men and a woman at gunpoint after picking up food to deliver from the restaurant.

"As I walked to my car, they approached me, trying to get the keys from me. They wanted my wallet. I wouldn't give it to them. They wrestled for my keys," the unidentified driver said.

He was then hit with a gun.

"They jumped in the car and took off," he said.

The victim was treated on scene but was later driven to the hospital by a friend or relative. He is expected to be OK.

Police are searching for the victim's silver Chevrolet Impala with dark rims.

"What this driver has gone through is disturbing. We look forward to working with police and are thankful the driver is doing okay (sic)," reads a statemen from Uber. "There's nothing more important than the safety of the drivers and riders we serve. Uber has a number of safety features in place for drivers, including an emergency button, trip sharing feature, and 911 integration technology in 40+ cities across the US, including Phoenix. We will continue to put safety at the heart of our business and expect to roll out more features this year."

Uber driver's throat slit

Friend creates Go Fund Me for Uber driver whose throat was slashed (copy)

Friend creates Go Fund Me account for Uber driver whose throat was slashed

On Jan. 30, less than a week ago, police said another Uber driver was attacked in Tolleson. According to police, the driver had picked up the suspect at a restaurant in Goodyear.  

When the car came to a stop, the victim tells police "he felt something run along his neck or throat area," according to the police report. "The victim then felt as if a warm liquid was running down his neck and realized his throat had just been slit."

The suspect, Francisco J. Diaz, was arrested.

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PD: Man stabs, kills pregnant Lyft driver

Fabian Durazo was brought to Phoenix Thursday morning (copy)

Fabian Durazo is accused of stabbing and killing a pregnant Lyft driver.

And a few days before that, a 39-year-old pregnant Lyft driver was stabbed to death allegedly by her passenger.

Kristina Howato was in the third trimester of her pregnancy and was driving for Lyft when she received a pickup request in the area southwest of Rio Salado Parkway and McClintock Drive, Sgt. Ron Elcock of the Tempe Police Department said.

That’s where she picked up Fabian Durazo, 20, whom police identified as the suspect.

Police said Durazo attacked her with a knife when the victim pulled up to the apartment complex near University and McClintock drives. She was still in her vehicle.

He continued to attack after she got out of the vehicle, Elcock said. Durazo then left the scene in her 2005 silver Mercury SUV.

Witnesses reported seeing that SUV leave the scene.

Howato was taken to the hospital where she and her unborn baby were pronounced dead.

Durazo was tracked down near Quartzsite and arrested. 

[READ MORE: Passenger stabs, kills pregnant Lyft driver in Tempe]


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Yeah, let's encourage people who aren't smart enough to get a legitimate job to carry firearms. What could go wrong?? Always entertaining how you rube's answer to a problem is the introduction of a firearm. Guns solve everything, right???


^^^What a douche thing to say...
For starters, Any work is honorable work as long as you're legal and not hurting anyone. So to publicly insult an individual's lively hood and intelligence demonstrates how much a jerk you are. Victim blame much? Also in case you didn't know, You have a 2nd Amendment right to defend yourself. Don't like guns, Don't get one... Are you sure you're in the right State?


OK I cannot hold back any longer. Those headlines "Uber Eats driver " is really a scream. Just the headlines, not what happened.

JF Conlon

Yup, that one stopped me cold too. As for the perps being other-than-white, look at the victims.


They should all carry dash cams so there is a record of these allegations? I hate that word (Allegedly), why protect these criminals? If they did it they are murderers NOTHING less!!!
I can't imagine being dumb enough to actually picking up a perfect stranger these days no matter what, Uber, Lyft etc! Not a good job if you want to live long! If I was dumb enough to be in this line of work I would pack some heat!


Soooo.. when will Ride Share companies allow their "contractors" to arm themselves? To the drivers: ARM YOURSELVES IF YOU ARE LEGALLY ABLE TO CARRY A WEAPON!


And properly TRAINED


Driving for Uber or Lyft is a dangerous profession.


what about all other taxi drivers?

TRUMP supporter

Build the wall.


Agreed. I'll go one step further, though. Build it around the entire state, and keep the weirdo transplants who come from other states outta my Arizona.
Darn transplants!!! Go home!


No description of the suspects......must be the "protected" class of fine citizens....or non-citizens???


Why do so many people worry about the race of those committing crimes? When the offender is white, crickets. Black or Hispanic? Loud comments.

Comment deleted.

sfr8, while I appreciate your sentiments and decry the racism here, your use of profanity is troubling. This is a family site.


So, I am not alone in noticing that. It's racial bias. The thing is that biases are so much easier to identify in others.


Since I can't reply to your other comment for some reason, I'll reply here. The idiots on here make me angry enough to use obscenities. As far as this being a "family" site (?) do you really think I'm offending the delicate sensibilities of minors on here? Give me a break. Life isn't G-Rated.


Because we are being attacked by the invaders, and it is getting worse. And just look at the mug shots - over 90% are mexican or black

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