PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man who died in a standoff with Phoenix police this weekend has been identified. He is 32-year-old Michael Austin.

Phoenix police say Austin "placed victims in danger and threatened to kill them."

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Four others were also hurt in an early morning officer-involved shooting.

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The incident began to unfold around 8 p.m. Saturday evening in a neighborhood near 28th Street and Roeser Road. Officers were called there after reports of a family argument inside a home. When officers arrived at the house several people inside said they were fine and refused to open the door. Police say there were no additional calls about the incident or signs of emergency at the home, so officers left.

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Three and a half hours later, just after 11 p.m., police officials say officers were called back to the same home with, "similar concerns." They were told a man inside had a gun and wouldn't allow three family members to leave the house.

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Phoenix Police said units on scene were told the man had already pistol whipped a 69-year-old woman in the home and was also "threatening to shoot the family members."

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Police officials say as officers approached the home they tried to contact the people inside, they heard shots being fired. "Concerned with the safety of the family members, officers tactically approached the home and they were met with gunfire," say officials.

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As a standoff ensued,  officers retreated and tried a different approach to the residence, but once again, they were met by gunfire, officials say.

A Special Assignment Unit was called to the scene as negotiations with the man began. The standoff continued for several hours.

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Phoenix police say the man refused to let anyone leave the home after repeated requests to do so. Officers say the saw the man shooting his gun inside the home and decided to go in to rescue the hostages. "After hours of negotiations and numerous attempts to verify the family members were safe, officers saw an escalation in his threats," said a statement from Phoenix police.

When officers went inside the house, gunfire erupted between police and the suspect. During the exchange of shots, one police officer and two women in the home were shot, police say. A second officer was injured after being bitten by a K-9 officer during the melee. The police also found another man in the home who was unhurt.

Austin, the man police say was holding the people in the home, was shot during the exchange of gunfire. He died at the scene, police say.

"Officers saw the suspect fire his weapon and fearing for the safety of the victims, an SAU officer fired his weapon at the suspect. Simultaneously, while using other tactical options as a distraction, officers gained access to the front door in an effort to rescue the victims.  As the rescue team moved up to the front door the suspect was seen still armed, standing near the victims, walking toward the front of the house. SAU officers shot at the suspect and a team of officers immediately entered the residence. Officers approached the victims, noted their injuries and removed them from the residence so they could receive medical attention. The suspect was also extracted and provided life-saving measures," said a statement from Phoenix police. 

 Police said the officer and the two women who were shot remain hospitalized.

Neighbors said the woman who lives at the home police surrounded did not deserve to have her home turned into a crime scene.

"Everyone just knows her as grandma," said neighbor, Rodger Walker, who has known the woman for 17 years. "She’s just this sweet lady that stands out there, and she always waves to everybody."

Chris Bradley said he's known the family for about eight years.

"She was always very, very nice," said Bradley. "She always waved to me. She was a very beautiful woman."

Walker said heard shots fired this morning.

'"They would never do anything to provoke anybody," said Walker. "That’s what’s upsetting me....I almost started crying because we really liked her."

Phoenix police say six male officers were involved in the incident.

The officer bit by the K-9 is 34 years old and has 12 years of service.

The officer who was shot is 36 years old and has five years of service. 

Police say the two women shot are 38 and 69 years old. 

Phoenix police said their investigators will remain on the scene throughout the day as they gather evidence on the shooting.

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