TUCSON, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Tucson Border Patrol agent is in jail facing sexual assault charges.  

Tucson Police Department announced Wednesday on its Facebook page that its officers arrested 33-year-old Steven Charles Holmes, and booked him into the Pima County Jail.  

[WATCH: Expert offers advice how to use dating apps safely after arrest of Border Patrol agent]

Holmes is accused of sexually assaulting three women he met on an online dating app, police said. 

It's not clear if the alleged attacks happened while Holmes was on or off duty. 

Holmes was at work when TPD officers handcuffed him Tuesday at the Tucson Sector Border Patrol office. 

[WATCH: Border Patrol Agent in Tucson sexual assaulted women he met on dating app, police say]

"It's unfortunate because this is a person of trust and you would hope that he's not going to betray that trust," said Scott Pietrzak, who has a background in law enforcement and is the owner of Online Safety Specialists.

Pietrzak typically teaches children and parents online safety techniques, but he says when it comes to dating apps, it's essentially all the same. 

"It's really no different than what we teach our kids. It's a stranger danger, it's just a more sophisticated form of stranger danger," Pietrzak said. "Anyone can make a profile. For the most part, the people that are on there are probably on there for the right reasons, but there are bad apples out there, that's unfortunate, it's just the society we live in now." 

Pietrzak encourages people to meet in a public place, drive yourself to at least the first date, and tell a friend where you'll be going. 

"There's nothing wrong with having pepper spray or maybe a taser inside to bring with you. If anything it's for peace of mind, just to kind of say if something does go south, at least I can protect myself."

Police said the investigation into Holmes started last week, after a woman reported the two went out on a date and he sexually assaulted her.

Prior to the date, she told detectives he identified himself as a Border Patrol Agent.

That led investigators to at least two other women who reported similar experiences. 

Police say the investigation uncovered multiple victims with similar reports occurring from January 2012 to January 2019.

TPD spokesperson Sgt. Pete Dugan said in cases like this, it's possible there could be more victims.  

Holmes was charged with three counts of sexual assault and three counts of aggravated assault. 

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson issued the following statement about the case:

Holmes has seven years of service with the U.S. Border Patrol. He has been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation. The U.S. Border Patrol stresses honor and integrity in every aspect of its mission. We do not tolerate misconduct on, or off duty, and will fully cooperate with all investigations of alleged misconduct by our personnel. 

This investigation in ongoing. Detectives are asking anyone with information to call Tucson Police, 911, or 88-CRIME.


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i bet he has a super tiny pp


Good grief; as if we don't have enough problems with those invaders, now THIS???? Couldn't he just go find 1 or 2 of "Joe Hooker's girls" in town????


Who invaded who? You do realize slave owners invaded Mexico and stole their land about 200 years ago, right? A little thing called "Manifest Destiny". Maybe the indigenous people of America just want a better life??


It was and still is the Mormons.


Reread the Gadsen Purchase document. Land transfer happened. Don't like it? Then buy it back.


Ms Ignoramous - Ask any Native American what happens to your land and your culture when you fail to control immigration.


My grandmother was 100% Chickasaw, dummy. Her grandmother walked the Trail of Tears... White conservative slave owners never "immigrated" into Native American society. They r@ped and pillaged. Probably something you're proud of as a "law" man.


Idiot response to a lack of intelligence. It must be so boring jumping on different bandwagons and riding in someone else's shadow.

Big Mike 86

build the wall!!!![beam][lol][beam]


Him need therapy and Shrink[huh]




Interesting how you "disable comments" on the story with the ID of the 3 rental car thief's, but you leave them open here.


It's a conspiracy- right?




Good lord man look at the articles sexual offenders and thugs. Does AZFamily look for these specifically or what ?

Mark G

The more outrageous, the more likely it will be that you will come back for more. It’s an old (and Very effective) marketing trick. ...Sex, Fear, Outrage. If it illicits an emotional response, it’s good for the news biz.. keeps people coming back for more, and the news biz can continue to profit by selling advertising. Most all profitable news outlets cash-in on fear, smear, sex, and outrage - emotional reactions; not much money in anything else.

Politicians too. No plan for a better future? No ability to uplift society? ..Fear, smear, and idiotic manufactured outrage all aimed against “them others” will always suffice. ;0)

Train wreck syndrome, I call it. ..hard to ignore the grotesque. And peddling the grotesque makes a lot of sick, and otherwise talentless people, very rich and powerful.


Hey Mark G, 100% accurate


I see it as a Comic Strip actually.

Agustus Gloop

Plenty of room to leave a nice comment over at this story "Phoenix police officer goes out of her way to buy woman new car battery"


So buying a car battery for someone is supposed to compensate the general public for years of 'Policing for Profit' and the millions collected due to asset forfeiture techniques? Yeah, no thanks!


Good lord man who’d of thought, a white man committing a sexual crime.


Of course they do. Anything else and they would not have the sensationalized headlines.

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