A single-vehicle accident injured four people in Peoria.

PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A single-vehicle accident injured four people in Peoria on Saturday evening, the Peoria Fire-Medical Department reported.

Engineer Micheal Selmer, a public information officer of the Peoria Fire-Medical Department, says a truck rolled over several times before landing upright on the Morristown New River Highway near Castle Hot Springs Road.

A total of four passengers were removed from the truck and immediately taken to the closest hospital. Two of the injured were flown there while the other two were taken by ambulance.

As the extent of the victims' injuries, the cause of the accident is unknown.


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Not to connect this with anyone or anything, but I would be willing to bet when and if the border wall is up, these kind of tragedies will occur a lot less.


You`re a racist idiot. This happened near Morristown, a 90% white trash community.


Has nothing to do with race. Has to do with ILLEGALS INVADING THIS COUNTRY.


War et - You're right.
Between the U.S. border wall and the cell phone while driving ban Arizona will see a noticeable decrees in traffic wrecks. If the state would work on improving driver skill levels it would it even better. But, yes, the wall and stopping the amount of illegals coming into the state will make a difference in Arizona road safety.


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the cause of the accident is unknown? Really? How about driving like a bat out of he77? Also there is not room for 4 people in a pickup.


Really moron? Why did Ford put six seat belts in my truck? Hurry up and get yourself walled in.


Yeah it looks like a crew/quad cab


Ok you are correct -- this time.

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